Top 5 Stock Market Magazines for Traders and Investors


In order to be successful in this extreme competitive environment, a Stock market trader or investor should be cognizant about latest happenings in the world economy. Awareness about the latest financial news of one’s own country is not enough anymore. Since the market is mostly driven by global economy, one should always keep track of economic news worldwide to get an edge over others. Websites like CNNMoney, Marketwatch, trades.com etc can keep your apprised about the Stock market happenings, but it’s always better to get in-depth coverage through newspapers and magazines. We have compiled a list of best Stock Market Magazines which would help you to get timely updates on the global financial news. These are not just investment magazines which gives stock recommendations, but it can also help your on technical analysis, algorithmic trading and other latest trends in Stock market.

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The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most popular Stock Market Magazines cum newspaper. It has a huge subscriber base and available in both print and digital edition. It covers every aspect of financial news for emerging markets as well as strong developed economies. WSJ offers targeted content for 100+ countries which includes India. The subscription fee is as low as $1 per week. Check out their subscription packages in the official website.

Barron’s Magazine

Barrons Magazine

Barron’s is a reputed name in Financial markets. They offer print and digital magazines targeted separately for USA and Asia, you can subscribe to the one which suits you. Their mobile app is feature rich and you can access your magazine on the go from your smartphone once you buy their subscription. Barron’s provides you real time insights to global markets with commentary from some of Wall Street’s best minds. You would also get exclusive access to Barron’s top picks in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and more.

Outlook Business

Stock Market Magazines

Outlook Business is one of the most read stock market magazines in India. It is specifically targeted to Indian and Asian markets but has a good coverage of global markets too.  The plus points of this magazine are good coverage, quality of paper and attractive subscription offers. The negative point is over sensationalism and at times biased opinions. It is published weekly and available at a very nominal subscription price.

Modern Trader- Futures Magazine

Modern Trader

Modern Trader is a must read magazine from the popular Futuresmag.com . Its nut just centered around stock market news, but also covers trading strategies, technical analysis and Options trading. It contains exclusive insight on disruptive market influencers, activist investing, social finance, big data analytics, digital currency, crowdfunding, direct lending, private stock opportunities and more. This is the unarguably the best Technical Analysis magazine available for subscription.

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The Economist

The Economist

The Economist is different and unique across all the Stock market magazines available out there. It gives a concise and realistic opinion on the economic events happening globally. It does not just report the news, rather it provides carefully drafted analytics around the news which makes it different from others. The quality of journalism  remains high in comparison with other magazines. It is available in both print and digital editions. Check out their subscription page here.

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