Tradetron vs Algobulls: The Battle for Automated Trading Supremacy

Tradetron vs Algobulls

Algorithmic trading has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more traders seek to take advantage of automated systems to execute their trades. By using complex algorithms and machine learning techniques, algorithmic trading platforms can analyze vast amounts… Continue Reading


Tradetron API Integration – Amibroker | TradingView | Python

Tradetron API Integration

As you would know, Tradetron is a SaaS based application that has simplified automated trading up to a great extent. Using Tradetron you can create your strategies, backtest them and finally deploy them live using your broker’s interface. However, many… Continue Reading


The Best Options Buying Strategies in Tradetron

Best Options Buying Strategies in Tradetron

The Tradetron platform has made Algo trading accessible and affordable for retail traders. It offers a marketplace from where you deploy profitable strategies in your broker’s account. In this article, we are going to look at the best options buying… Continue Reading


The Best Options Selling Strategies in Tradetron

best options selling strategies in tradetron

Options selling is the most logical way to make consistent passive income from stock markets. However, all option sellers are not successful. It needs strategy, accuracy, and timing to make profits with options selling. Tradetron scores on all these parameters… Continue Reading


Amibroker vs Tradetron – A Comprehensive Comparison

Amibroker vs Tradetron Featured

Amibroker and Tradetron are the two prevalent algorithmic trading platforms that traders across the globe use. Both of them are used to build, backtest and deploy trading strategies. In this article, we’ve done a comparative study of Amibroker vs Tradetron… Continue Reading


The 10 Most Useful Tradetron Keywords for creating Strategies

Tradetron Keywords

Keywords are the building blocks of any Tradetron strategy. They are like functions in the programming language, and every function (or keyword) serves a specific purpose. In order to build an algorithmic strategy in Tradetron, you need to be well… Continue Reading