Options Oracle: The Software that Simplifies Options Trading

Options Oracle

If you’re an options trader, you know how complex and challenging it can be to analyze and understand the many different factors that affect your trades. Fortunately, there are many software solutions out there designed to help make this process… Continue Reading


Develop and Backtest Options Trading system in Amibroker


Amibroker is the most efficient tool to build and backtest trading systems with minimum coding. Using amibroker you can develop systems across different instruments like equities, futures & options, commodities, forex, etc. In this article, we’ll understand how to develop… Continue Reading


Historical Options Data Free Download – Intraday 1 Minute

Historical Options Data

A reliable source of historical options data is important to backtest trading strategies. Keeping this into consideration, we’ve come up with intraday 1-minute options data for Nifty and Banknifty. You can download this data into your computer and use it… Continue Reading


3 Types of Options Traders – Which One are You?

Options Trading Strategies

Options Trading is a new buzz among Millenials. People are in a FOMO state about options as it offers a shortcut to monthly passive income. However lucrative it sounds, Options Trading requires discipline. And even before that, you need to… Continue Reading


The Best Books on Options Trading – Expert Recommendations

Options trading can be tricky, you must agree to this fact! However, it can offer unimaginable returns within a short period of time. It can offer several advantages concerning an investment that bonds and stocks are not able to. But… Continue Reading


Using A Covered Call Strategy: The What, Why & How Of Covered Call Options

Options Trading Strategies

Professional traders have been using the covered call option to boost their market income for a long time. There’s no reason why individual investors cannot use this conservative but effective covered call strategy by learning how it works and how… Continue Reading


Jade Lizard Option Strategy – A Holy Grail for Option Traders?

Options Trading Strategies

Stock trading helps those involved quickly earn extra income over an hour, day, month, or even year. But that is only if they know their way around it. In this respect, options trading is an asset you should be aware… Continue Reading