Intraday Open High Low Strategy -Live Signals

This is a very popular Intraday Open High Low Strategy with pretty good accuracy. In this strategy, Buy signal is generated when a stock or index has same value for Open and Low, while Sell signal is generated when it has same value for Open and High. This strategy is 80% accurate in all market conditions if applied on liquid stocks and commodities.

New Updates – 1st May 2020

We have rolled out some updates to the sheet based on requests from several users. See below the details:

  1. The “High” and “Low” price in the sheet are captured exactly at 9:45 AM and they won’t change during the course of the day. This will make sure that the BUY/SHORT signal generated at 9:45 AM does not disappear later if the high/low price changes.
  2. The list of stocks has been updated. All the stocks from NSE which are traded in the F&O segment are included in the list.
  3. Trigger price is 0.5% higher than LOW in case of buy signal, while it is 0.5% lower than HIGH in case of sell signal.
  4. Stop loss is now 1% calculated based on trigger price
  5. If the trigger price is not hit, the profit/loss column will show the appropriate message.

See the below table for Live Buy/Sell signals. The values would be updated every time you refresh the page.

Strategy Overview

Parameter Value
Preferred Timeframe Intraday 5 minutes
Indicators Used None
Buy Condition Open=Low for the current day. Buy after half an hour of market open
Sell Condition Open=High for the current day. Sell after half an hour of market open
Stop Loss Indicated in above table
Targets As per one’s risk appetite or End of the day

How to trade based on this Strategy?

Step 1: Refresh this page to fetch live data for all F&O stocks with Buy/Sell signals

Step 2: After half an hour of market open time, check for Buy/Sell signals. Place your order above/below ‘Price’ column in the table. You can select your preferred Stock/Index from the list.

Step 3: Place stop loss as indicated in the table.

Step 4: Book profit/loss based on your risk appetite and make sure that your entire position is squared off at the end of the day. This is an Intraday only strategy.

Download Amibroker AFL for this strategy here.

Also check out the modified version of this strategy at the below link:

Intraday NSE BSE Open High Low Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I place my orders?

A: You should place the orders at 9:45 AM (half an hour after market open).

Q: What happens if the trigger price is already crossed at 9:45 AM?

A: Place order at CMP

Q: What should be my target profit?

A: It depends on your risk appetite and goals. But ideally, 2% is something we recommend to most of our students.

Q: Should I trade just based on this system OR should I look at other indicators too?

A: It’s always better to look at multiple confirmation signals. However, do not complicate your system.

Q: Can I trade in the F&O market using this strategy?

A: Yes, you can, but price may vary for derivatives. So, you’ll need to calculate the trigger price manually.

Q: What should I do if the BUY/SELL signal disappears after I take a trade?

A: With our latest update to the sheet, this should never happen. But in case you observe the same, kindly report it to us.

Q: How do I get access to the sheet?

A: Use this link to request access.

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  1. We knew this strategy, but I tried for few days only, and back testing hasn’t done. Can you show us any back test results?
    Thanks for your help all the time .


  3. Sir,
    How profit and loss is calculated?
    How to calculate target and SL?

  4. Not a much profitable system when used alone. Combine few other rules eg. GAP UP/DOWN to improve results.

  5. Dear Sir,

    Excellent work. Congrats. One query when we see the sheet at 9.45 a.m. most of the prices are crossed the recommended price. Can we enter at the CMP irrespective of the price movement or what to do? Kindly advise.



    • Yes, the idea is to buy above the recommended price, and short below it. So you can enter at CMP.

      • One query when we see the sheet at 9.45 a.m. most of the prices are crossed the recommended price. Can we enter at the CMP irrespective of the price movement or what to do & what should be the stop loss? Kindly advise.

        • Hi Fredy,

          Yes, if the price has crossed the recommended price you can enter at CMP

  6. Dear Sir,

    LT 22,200.00 22,207.00 21,800.00 21,882.45
    in the NIFTY 50 stock excel sheet downloaded from your site. Kindly help me.

    • Hi Selva,

      We are struggling to solve theses issues as NSE changes it’s API very frequently. It happens for very few stocks though. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  7. Thank you very much for your reply for my two queries



  8. Dear Sir,

    Today morning (26.05.2016) your excel sheet shown some buy or sell signal for (i don’t able to remember the signal correctly) the scrip TATAPOWER. After some time the signal was disappeared. Is there any particular reason for this? Kindly clarify.



    Dear Sir,

    Today morning (26.05.2016) your excel sheet shown some buy or sell signal for (i don’t able to remember the signal correctly) the scrip TATAPOWER. After some time the signal was disappeared. Is there any particular reason for this? Kindly clarify.


    • Signals might disappear if Open=High or Open=Low is no longer valid. For ex: If Open and High value for Nifty is 8000 and it goes down after Open. Then the Excel sheet will show Short signal. Now, if at some point of the day Nifty makes a new high, say 8050, the Short signal will disappear. I hope this clarifies.

      • hi sir thanks your help ..
        as per above mesg.. if first short singal appear and if nifty goes above previous high and hit the stop loss.. then exel sheet must be shown loss of %…is that available in exel sheet.

    • Hi Prashant

      Go for Neo Trade Analytics. It’s an authentic data provider.

  10. This looks a great strategy. How one should trade this using intraday time frames. Any method you suggest? Just crossing price may lead to whipsaw. Should we wait for 5 minute candle close above buy price if looking for long? Any such method will help?

  11. Hello,
    List is f&o stocks but price is not, price is equity based, would you modify it?

    • Hi Abhi,

      Yes, the price is of the underlying. And this strategy should be traded based on the equity price, not futures.

  12. At 9.45 a.m. most of the prices with Buy & Sell Signal are crossed the recommended price, why you suggest us to enter at 9.45pm, if i enter at 9.16 or at 9.30 am then what is the risk, if i wait till 9.45 pm then i (check 2 days continuously) miss most of the movement, please guide

    • Hi Saurabh,

      I agree that the prices crossed recommended price at 9:45 AM from last 2 days. However, in the long run it would always be profitable to enter at half an hour or 45 minutes of market open. The reason is that the market sheds off any fake volatility in first half an hour.

  13. Dear admin

    in this signal

    Intraday Open High Low Strategy -Live Signals
    Camarilla Pivot Points Excel Sheet: Live Signals

    which formula used pls suggest

  14. Sir o think I excel sheet signal should not change after half an hour as per the strategy. If the open =high is not valid then it should show stop loss. Am I correct if not please let me know

  15. I am interested in Intraday equity (Cash) trading, which is the link to download the amibroker trading system, the link shown in this site cannot be downloadable

  16. When open=low for
    stocks and future [ together here ]

    Order must be triggered automatically thru my sharekhan trade tiger terminal with advance option via excel for following
    Call option only

    First In the Money call at market price +0.05
    At the Money call at market price
    First out of money call at market price + 0.05

    This is only for Nifty Option chain and Bank Nifty Option chain for minimum 10 lots when above criterria open=Low stocks&future together ( in my requirements above index cash price and index future price)

    The above data Need in excel using vb-macro & must using excel trade tiger advance option only so order can place automaticaly

    I had tried above but when re-open my excel file the vba macro running is not working as data update issue in excel and i need some strong person who is very good in excel vba macro as i am still new in vb macro
    Ph#9429437279 Paresh Patel

  17. I can share my excel sheet with stocks and future together with index and lot size pivot support resistance level
    Ph#9429437279 Paresh Patel

  18. as per live signal here ..exel was not updated properly some stocks also missing as per this above sheet kindly advice which wan can i follow

  19. Hello Sir,
    Thanks a lot for creating Intraday strategy for F&O stocks. Can you please share the excel sheet having all F&O Stocks. Excel sheet that you have shared above is only having Nifty 50 stocks.

  20. 1-It is being told here to enter trade after 30 min from stock market opens. Does it precisely mean to start trade at 9.45 am?
    2- If yes see excel sheet dated 7/10/16 “infratel” short @ 380. 380 price was at 9.15 am. At 9.45 means 30 min as per your say price was 371. What to do? 369 was days low.
    3- Buy or sell signal is to be seen at 9.15 am or 9.45 am? Entry in trade is to be done at 9.15 am or 9.45 am?
    4- Same is the case of HDFC
    Please guide.

    • Hi Pablo,

      30 minutes wait period is for conservative traders as it involves minimum risk. You can also take positions before that if you are comfortable and there are other indicators confirming the trend.

      • Admin, if you have clear cut buy sell price, sl for only nifty50 stocks excel sheet and it gets live updated in market hours please share here. Above link is different. Who can trade 2500 stocks on NSE and BSE for intraday. Only robot can do it. Capital how much? Probably Ambanis only can do it. I need sure shot 5 scrips priced less than 300 with 0.5 to 1% profit target.

        • Hi Pablo,

          You can definitely filter your favorite stocks from the list. We have provided the whole list since everyone has different criteria to select their favorite stocks.

          • 1-Can you please tell me the procedure as to how filter my selected 10 stocks in your excel sheet?
            2- Do I have trade very quickly? Does you buy or sell signal suddenly disappears or changes from buy to sell or sell to buy as the price changes? In that case what to do please?

          • 1) As of now, there is no option to filter the stocks.
            2) Its possible that the signal disappear if High becomes greater than Open during the Trading day, and vice verssa. So its recommended to take position only withing first 45 mins of trading day. If the signal disappear after that you should immediately exit your positions.

  21. What is the correct time to trade from buy sell signal from this I am unable to make. Preopen is from 9.00 to 9.07. War starts from 9.15. Signals appear then disappear then appear. I did not count. Uncountable number scrips are there.If you start scrolling down, you have to go on scrolling down. At the end of the day if you see, all signals are in profit whether buy or sell. Actually I wanted to meet a successful trader using this. Really. Very badly. God help me.

    • Hi Pablo,

      Yes, we agree that signals can appear and then disappear if the high crosses open after giving a sell signal, or Low crosses open after giving Sell signal. You should exit your position when that happens. Trade should only be taken within 45 mins of day start. We cannot help you with the uncountable scripts as we added all F&O stocks on mass request. It’s not possible that all the scripts are in profit at EOD, this strategy has a success rate of ~40% considering brokerage and slippages. However its has a pretty good risk reward ratio. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

  22. I have many questions to ask you. I already lost 1.7 lac and 2 years valuable time in this trading named difficult game without any knowledge or training.Can you send me your phone number by mail please? My question to you is why do not you call all the persons like me in one place and trade under your mentorship from there?

    • Rajib Gupta here atleast 500 scrips are there. What signal is coming and what not at which second one can not understand. This is not enough for you? Why you are not asking for all call options and put options also with commodity?In commodity don’t you want agri commodities? Means you want whole share market to come here? Better you go to sharekhan trade tiger no? How much money do you have to trade? 1000 crore are in sufficient to trade this list do you understand? Your type of time pass made this list big. Buy sell signals in only 5 scrips are more than enough. Why do not you sit in front Zee tv 24 hrs? Unlimited 24 hrs free tips are going on there? You are thinking that entertainment is going on here. Like free orchestra. Sand all Bollywood songs and you are demanding sing Gazhals also no please like that. Do you know what is meant by daytrading? I am trying to convince them to give buy sell signals in only 5 liquid volatile stocks and you want this to become Economics Times news paper. To trade this list you need 100 staff, 100 computers or robot and 1000 crore cap. If you had you would not have come here. Understand. Time pass. Got up in the morning and telling sing song of Mukesh also no. Why? Kishor Kumar is not enough for you? Somebody else will come and tell sing Michel Jackson also. It is free no? Go to school. Tomorrow Math exam is there boy.

  23. This input is very good. But if you want to trade from this for profit how will you trade. My idea. One man with one laptop to refresh & scroll up and down continuously after 9.30 this page and tell next man as to buy sell has come in which scrip.Second man to type very fast in his pc in excel name of scrip buy or sell order, buy or sell price. He will continuously update his sheet as per feed back from earlier man. Second man will give feeding to third man who will do calculation in excel in laptop. Name of scrip. Capital I have. Buy or sell price. Capital plus margin from broker divided by buy or sell price. Yes I can trade these many number of shares today. Fourth man will place order in brokers trading platform. Wait for execution. After execution put stop stop loss. Fifth man will watch in live chart. He will see if price is going in favour or not. He will tell fourth man when to exit from which scrip. Minimum 6 persons 6 laptop with high speed net are needed apart from capital. Chart viewing monitor must be 52″ min because he has to see at least 10 live charts with indicators clear visible. Not bad business. Manually one man one laptop? Impossible.

  24. Minimum 6 like minded very sharp and very quick traders who are really interested in doing full time and life time business from this must come in one place with individual capital. Then it can become best business. By seeing this chart if you trade in the money options of those particular scrips with trailing stop loss you can earn huge money on daily basis. If you try to trade alone you always top 2-3 scrips are always in loss. And if you trade the first ones and loss for continuous 5 days all your capital goes in gutter.

  25. HI sir , i want to know that this excel sheet which you have published how it works. How many times in a day it gives buy sell signals. Does it give signals only once after 15 min of market open or it continues to give signal whole day. plz clarify this . Plz also tell me this excel sheet i need to download once or daily new file needs to be downloaded. What is the rule to enter in the position. Plz guide me sir, i am very glad to know about your excel sheet trading system.

    • Hi Reyaz,

      We are glad that you liked this system. Ideally, this system gives buy/sell signals once in a day, but in some unforeseen situations the signals disappear when High or Low crosses Open price. That is the reason we suggest to take trades within 30-45 mins of market open, and if the signal disappear after taking the trade then you should immediately exit. You need not to download this excel sheet at all as its completely online and gets updated in daily basis. Please read the other queries posted in this page for complete clarification.

  26. Hello admin, why you are not replying to Reyaz Khan’s query? I also want to read the answer.

    • Hello Riyaz or PAB10,or Friends

      First of all …Lets understand one simple fact that Admin is trying hard to simplify trading and that too FREE of cost by putting his time and energy…

      Any Degrading or making fun will demotivate him to explore new things,

      Now regarding your query

      In technical s there is 1000s of Tools and you have to stick to 1/2/3 tools where in suits your requirement….If you mix all you would only exploring and not doing trades just by analysis you would be confused

      Secondly this open = high query

      How can you define how many times you will get signals how whats success ratio…

      My dear friends Market itself is dynamic is here any Mark Faber who will tell tomorrow market will be 100 points up or down by closing ?

      I really pitty analyst who predict shares for 2-3 years as we don’t know whats going to happen 3 days later why to be become BABA bengali…..

      If you want to be successful trader …

      Try to control
      Stick to your rules

  27. Hi Traders here, shall we form a group of us for trading using this input here? Birds of same feathers flock together. If we form a group we can enjoy trading activity. Let us put equal capital, let us trade same scrip by all, let us enter at same price same stop loss same target. Working together is good. We will decide our goal. We will trade together to achieve our goal.

  28. @Viral, how old are you? What trading do you do? Day or positional? How much is your trading capital? Do you follow signals from here and trade in cash? Are you a full time time trader? How much you lost so far and how much you earned?

    • @PABLO

      I will introduce myself…

      I am 41 years old

      I am into this market since 1992 & during this journey I have seen charts , Screeners & now doing Auto Trading which is only discipline which will hold you withing boundaries.

      I am full time trading and my broking business also am looking after….Of past two years have developed http://www.ChartsGURU . com

      Lastly dont go personal as how much do i know you and why will tell u what I have earned and lost . All people will share only success story rest u will learn from your own mistake & not my mistakes

      I admire ADMIN finding time without prejudice explaining on this platform yet have to justify…..


  29. एडमिन का शुक्रिया. ये साईट बहोत ही फायदेमंद है ट्रेडर्स के लिए.

  30. Pablo,
    Request you to avoid abusive words or personal remarks in your comments. Any non-adherence to this going forward will ban your comments permanently from this blog.

  31. Dear Admin,

    I apologise you and all. Please delete my all comments here. I am really very very sorry to all of you. I am extremely sorry. I am going through very bad days. Dear Mr. Viral. I am sorry yaar. Please admin. You remove all my comments and you are doing great job. Carry on.

    • Best of luck Pablo! You are always welcome to post constructive comments as you did initially.

  32. मेरे भाइयो बहनों, यहाँ पर कितने लोग इस ट्रेडिंग सिस्टम को फोलो करके ट्रेड कर रहे है ये ज़रा अपना अपना अनुभव बताएँगे क्या? मेरे तो १.7 लाख डूब गए. लेकिन इस सिस्टम को फोलो करके नहीं. मेरा ये सवाल है की यहाँ बाय आया तो कही पे बाय जो चाहे प्राईस हो बाय करे, या जो कीमत पे बाय करने को बोला है उसी कीमत पर बाय करे या 10 बजे जो कीमत चल रही उस पर बाय करे या कुछ नहीं करे खाली दिन भर देख ते रहे और बाजार बंद होने पर बोले “यार इतने पर ये खरीदता तो आज इतना कमाता था “. मै तो बोल रहा हु. लाईक माइंडेड 10 आदमी इकठ्ठे होते एक ट्रेडिंग रूम खोलते मजे से कमाते खाते पिते एन्जॉय करते. कोई सुनने को तैयार नहीं. ऐसा लग रहा है सब के सब रोज के रोज ट्रक भर भर के पैसे कमा रहे है.

  33. ये देखो सुबह SBIN में ओपन और लो सेम था याने २७५.15. और उसमे बाय चल रहा था. अब बताओ ओपन और लो बाद में बदल कैसे गया? nse के साईट पे भी बदल गया. शेरखान में भी बदल गया. अब ओपन २७५.15 लो २७०.७० दिखा रहा है. सभी साईट से बाय कोल हट गया.

    • Hi Pablo,

      High and Low can change anytime during market hours and that can wipe out the signals. Please read the above comments, this question has been answered multiple times for you.

  34. I have small queries on this strategy ..
    1) Do we need to look into the XL only at 9:30 am EST and place orders accordingly ?
    2) all the above are Stock cash prices right / Nov Fut prices? bcz heading you mentioned as “Intraday Open High Low Strategy : All F&O Stocks”

  35. Hello Admin, suppose I applied 1 hr heikin ashi chart. When will know open,high,low of the candle? At the start of the candle itself? In the middle of the candle means after 1/2 an hour? Close everyone knows i.e. after one hour only.

  36. Admin ji,
    PLease confirm , do i need to trade any stock only around 9:45am or after wards also above /below the price column value . Suppose if a stock PRICE is 100 at 9:45 am and LTP is 105 ( 5 % is already up ) , then can i ignore that call for that day ?

  37. Open=high is not a guarantee that price will go down. Today upto now TCS was “sell” @2141 stop loss 2151. Price touched 2151 at 09.59 am. Went off from chart. This game is most dangerous. 100% luck. No logic. No math.

    • Sir Ji, there is no guarantee in trading. Its just a game of probability, otherwise everyone would have been billionaires.

      • Dear Admin you are absolutely right. This is game of probability. Otherwise everyone would have become Bill Gates sitting at home with less capital.Your effort is giving free live feed to those who want is admirable. Actually I wanted only Rs.30000 pm minimum from this game. I am in search of a strategy or research done by anyone which will give me this income. If anyone has ready made strategy please help me. I do not want to become rich. I want to run my house. Today IDEA futures open=low= on daily chart in 1 hr. almost 3.5 % up move.

      • Yes it’s almost like a weather forecast. Good scientists would predict rain correctly most of the time, but no guarantee and we still ALL follow and respect it:-)

  38. Live call Bajajauto “sell” at 2631. From 9.15 to 10.47 never was 2631. Profit 1.14%. Enter after 30 min means at 9.45. At 9.45 price was lowest today i.e.2590.99. Bajaj auto today\s open 2600 high upto now 2621.97 low upto now 2599.99. On NSE website also todays open is 2639.70

  39. Hi Admin, here on your this site in the morning buy/sell signals come in how many scrips I do not know. I do not want to know. Say I want to trade only one scrip. How to select that only one scrip can you tell me? Or can you highlight one sure scrip for the guys like me? I do not have money to trade all scrips nor manpower. I prefer only one. But the one I select must give me atleast 0.5% profit.

    • Hi Pablo

      One suggestions for u to trade in only one script. Open in sharekhan new marketwatch page and open all scripts in it. In the volume column check the maximum volume script and trade that script.

  40. Hi Admin,

    I appreciate the recommendations given here. I have been looking at these since last 3 days. Overall the profit opportunities are reasonably good.

    I have one query. When you recommend an entry price, does it mean we should not enter the trade even if the price is in profitable direction? For example – if you recommend Long for a stock with entry price as 100, but its LTP is 95 at 9:45 am, then does it mean we should not enter the trade below 100 & we should enter only when LTP becomes 100? Some stock brokerages recommend entry price in the way I mentioned above, hence this question. Please let me know.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ajinkya,

      In the example mentioned, you should only enter only when LTP crosses 100.

    • Hi Utkarsh,

      Yes during Sideways trend, the accuracy is low. Otherwise it’s profitable most of the times.

    • Utkrsh which strategy has very high accuracy ratio? Do you have any that type of strategy? If yes, share here. From intraday trading no one can earn any money. 100% loss is 100% written guaranteed.

      • I think all indicators like supertrend and open=low is not working as plain vanilla even many a times pivot fails so I will better tie up with admin and explain him what I can give if they prefer to talk

      • Patience is the key to succeed in stock markets. Its your wish if you do no approve of intraday methods, but please stop spreading negativity at public forum

  41. Hi Admin hope you have gone through my strategy logic given to you in lain english.

    I would like to know if there is a way to feed Amibroker live data from your utilities?

  42. It is so tragedy for trading you know literally there is no clear cut indicator which tells you buy or sell. Be it 0.25% profit. It is pure luck, probability. I was reluctant to act on any tips providers tips. One bastard told his charges are 6k pm and I must try his free call. I asked him how to know what to buy when to buy what is target? He said he has researchers. I asked what is their qulification, from where they got those certificates? He said me “levels” form in market and this and that. I was hesitating. I made mistake. He told he is giving me live support. He told me to buy “yes bank” future. The moment I bought it started falling down so sharply. Till I exit I lost 9k. I sent him so abusive messages for 10 days unbelievable.In this game no one can claim he is master. How I made mistake I could not understand. See here? There are unlimited free live tips with stop loss. Trade as much as you want. You need minimum 1 crore capital to trade. Buy or sell in cash become buy or sell in it’s future also. The same is with option. Buy here? Buy call ITM of same. Sell here? Buy Put ITM. With 1 crore capital you need minimum 100 staff and laptops to trade from this 100% site. It can become private limited trading company officially registered one. I do not understand who must be working with these paid tips providers. Like this few more 100% free live tips givers here. The problem is with limited money you can trade. You select only one and signal went wrong after five min you are dead. You need to trade atleast 15 scrips. Then probability of winners v/s loosers will be more. Open=high=sell, open=low=buy is not a guarantee. Probability is more. Disclaimer is always there at bottom. Trading is subject to xxxxyyyzz. The one who will invent sure indicator he will earn huge money by patenting it. Otherwise same will continue. You bought price went down. You sold price went up. In one second without telling any one, without anybody’s permission literally anytime for no reason Nifty can come down by any number of points. Who can stop it? These are my views only.

    • Hi Manus,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the readers, and I 100% agree with all your views.

    • It’s not that simple to predict price target and we didn’t made profit from tip because it’s our fault as human analyst becomes biased for particular stock and also there is execution which is very important.

  43. Hi Admin,
    What is your advice on doing these traides with 0.5% SL and 2.5% Target like in your backtest report?


  44. Call watch. ADANI PORTS- sell- study- over bought on hourly chart. Hammer at top.open=low final candle which is hammer again. 8.43 am

  45. Hi Admin, I am trading in CNC and Intraday from last 2 years, promptly saying i have less knowledge about this stock trading terms, I want some training or some brush up for my learning. do you suggest some training classes or any of individuals who are willing to train others like me, can you please refer
    I am preferring individuals,

  46. Admin

    Pls check three prices giving error


    Also in example or image you have shown All F&O Stocks ….Pls share that also if working fine would be very helpful

  47. Hi all
    i came across this site recently and find it very interesting and very usefull for traders specially intraday ones. My view is that to trade so many scripts r not possible in a day. So how to select the best 4-5 shares ? I feel the max volume ones shud be taken. Admin , can we have a volume column in the above screener wud be so helpfull

  48. Hi Admin
    Is there any strategy that can be used for Futures for intraday trading?

  49. Hello Admin, good job… can we have the same excel down loadable file for all F&O stock as it is there for nifty 50 stocks.

  50. Dear Admin,
    many thanks for putting so much effort in putting all these strategies.I have few questions.

    1.What time does the excel utility give signals for trading.is it like whenever we open the excel.
    2.Are the trades valid throughout the day or only when we find them after opening the excel.
    3.How are the stop loss and target defined.

    Sorry if these are repetitive questions.

    Thanks once again.

    • 1.What time does the excel utility give signals for trading.is it like whenever we open the excel.
      Ans: Signals will start appearing on market open. But it’s better to wait for 30 to 45 mins after market open to take the trades.

      2.Are the trades valid throughout the day or only when we find them after opening the excel.
      Ans. Not all trades are valid throughout the day. For ex: if OPEN=LOW at 9:15 AM, but LOW price goes below OPEN later in the day. This trade will become invalid.

      3.How are the stop loss and target defined.
      Ans. Calculated based on ATR

  51. Hi,
    I am trying to download this excel sheet but when I click download it shows a page which is forcing me to use searchsafe? I get the following message “RECOMMENDED
    ACTIVATE SEARCHSAFE NOW” ? Is this a must? Can I not download file without activating searchsafe? Please advise

    • Hi Sachin,

      Its not mandatory to activate SerachSafe. Try with a different browser once.

  52. Hi,
    I have few doubts in this strategy mainly regarding the entry point and profit calculation.
    1.In the steps you have told to enter the market at 9.45 AM for all stocks for which there are buy/sell signals.
    2.Although tAt 9.45 AM,although the buy/sell signals are still good,the CMP would have already crossed(either buy or sell) the price value mentioned in the excel.
    3.Your profit loss calculation was done considering the price level mentioned in the excel,but we may not get those prices @ 9.45 .In this case the profit/loss percentage would be quite different from how you are calculating right
    Just for example.
    ACC on 4th August,2017,
    ACC 1,793.50 1,837.00 1,793.50 1,818.45 LONG 1801 1784.5 0.97%
    if we go by the strategy we buy @9.45 at the cmp=1819.85 and ltp of the day=1818.45 which infact resulted in a loss,but the excel says 0.97 profit.Am i doing the correct way or consfused.please expain with an example from recent signals if i am wrong anywhere

  53. When I’m trying to download excel using above link. It takes me to different page. Could you please provide the link to the Excel that covers all the above stocks.

  54. sir, i am the new comer in this field, please suggest me which stock i should buy open=high or open=low, i m starting investment with 20 thousand , so please suggest me which method i should try to buy any stock…please suggest me ……

  55. In the excel sheet how.the price column value is calculated .Tell me the formula.

    • SYMBOL Open High Low LTP Position Price Stop Loss Profit/Loss
      CEATLTD 1660 1706.65 1660 1700 LONG 1667 1651.70 1.98%
      How the price of value Rs 1667 is determined ?

  56. Hi,
    I’m unable to download the excel file “Intraday Open High Low Strategy -Live Signals”.. can you send to my mail id.
    thanks& regards

  57. Open=high or open=low comes in many stocks everyday at market open. If someone wants to trade only 5 best stocks out of them. How can he choose? Can you tell any parameter?

    • Hi kp,

      Check for high beta stocks, the ones which have high correlation with Nifty index.

  58. Open=high, open=low comes is many scrips.How to select one best scrip for trading out of these.

  59. Open=high or open= low comes in many scrips is the morning. Actually problem is how to select and trade only out of them. And when exactly yo enter in that trade and when to get out is the problem. Once in trade which indicator to follow to exit is also the problem. In my opinion. 1 hr chart stockostik indicator is best. Now only question remains is which scrip to enter from so many?

  60. Sir, Please Help.
    How to identify intraday trend while using this strategy.
    I mean to say which indicators or oscillators to use to identify trend

  61. Dear Sir, thank you for providing live signals of this strategy. Great work! It would be helpful if you could add two extra columns. One column maybe named as “Signal Triggered” (that will show Yes or No for symbols where buy above or sell below price triggered). The other column maybe named as “Position Status” (Open, SL Hit)

  62. Is there a way you can automate these trades for me using API … such that I only approve the trades or kick it out

  63. Hello, Is this strategy valid for long term also? like this is posted before one and half year , is it good for trading now also?

  64. Dear Sir,
    Sorry, but i am not able to update this sheet. i open the sheet, enable the internet connection and it shows value value signs doesnt show prices, i mean in all the columns only value word is written when i enable the internet connection. please inform me how to do this. i am using ms office 2007

    • Hi Amit,

      The sheet is embedded within the post itself and it auto updates. You need not to download anything.

  65. Are these stocks only for f&o ..cant we trade EQUITY CASH through the buy/sell signals on this page???


  67. Dear all whom so ever will be reading my comment. After studing a lot on this
    above scanner I am glade to share my views that how to select share in this scanner where chances of hitting your target around 90% correct. Since you have advice 5minutes candel & after 9.30 am is very perfect. But how to calculated perfect stop loss. I advice braking high or low of 9.15 candel
    ofcours risk is reward depends on is capacity
    Now how select perfec call from this scanner I suggested pleas take trade
    who percentage is higher then 1.60% meanes ingore below 1%
    Also if it is above 3% perfect trade
    thanks to all you and may God bless happy interday target

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your kind advice. Hope our readers get benefited from it.

  68. whenever I put my website. w w w.sharetraining.online it give error pleas check

  69. I also trainning in Bank Nifty Thursday Expiry statigie in opition intraday trading
    it is 95% accurated provided you have margine above one lackhs but if you
    are trading in discounted broker margine is around 30 thousands
    call 98 1987 5503 it is online trainning course

  70. sir,
    i request kindly display those stocks which met the criteria of open=low/high only in the morning . Because in mobile view its not very compact. secondly is there any free website to download and update excel 2016 or above ?

    • Hi Gautam,

      There are many different ways to download and update Excel. But unfortunately I cannot share those publicly, please try to Google it out.

  71. Kindly display the stocks which hits open=high/low in the morning itself. No need to display whole stocks. Within that filtered stocks you recommend price and stop loss. If any changes happens in high low during the market hours then no need to remove just keep maintaining price and stop loss. It will be much helpful and comfortable to view in mobile also and reduce refreshing time. In mobile its bit inconvenient to scroll down up and down, left right. Hope you understood what i want to convey.

  72. Hi ,
    Is it possible for you to display only the stock which is Open=Low and Open=High

  73. sir, can you show us recent back testing result ? ( 05-10-2018)


  74. the excel sheet downloaded & run in excel 2016 does not display NIFTY & BANKNIFTY while this website does, Any upload of the revised excel sheet possible from your end please ?

  75. Hai, as per Excel even some of the stock when both open and low is equal also share price fall on the day. Why?

    • Hi Kumaran,

      Unfortunately, there is no strategy in the world which gives 100% accurate signals. That’s the reason you should have proper stop loss in place

  76. Very useful and please add also target price in table as soon as possible.


  77. how you calculate profit and loss percentage which is in last row 2.55%,0.80%,3.10% etc.

  78. In the open high low strategy,like to know the following /On 6th Sept 2019 UPL open high was 573.75, the sell signal was 570.
    Torrentpharma open low price was 1714 and sell was 1721.Will someone clarify whether the buy and sell prices are calculated at any percentage of open high low price.

  79. I find the percentage of calculation is not fixed for buy/sell signals , it varies from script to script

  80. Thanks for sharing the post. The way you narrated the post is very good and understanding. I learn some new things after reading this post. please let me know for the upcoming posts.

  81. the entry price you have mentioned are diffrent from the price at 9.45 am entry, so how did we will be able to enter? as per your rules entry should be after 9.45 am.

    • Hi Dinesh,

      If entry price is higher than price at 9:45 AM, then you should enter at CMP. If it is lower, you should wait.

  82. We have rolled out some updates to the sheet based on requests from several users. See below the details:

    The “High” and “Low” price in the sheet are captured exactly at 9:45 AM and they won’t change during the course of the day. This will make sure that the BUY/SHORT signal generated at 9:45 AM does not disappear later if the high/low price changes.

    The list of stocks has been updated. All the stocks from NSE which are traded in the F&O segment are included in the list.

    Trigger price is 0.5% higher than LOW in case of buy signal, while it is 0.5% lower than HIGH in case of sell signal.

    Stop loss is now 1% calculated based on trigger price.

    If the trigger price is not hit, the profit/loss column will show the appropriate message.

  83. The link you enclosed of google docs , but I can’t open it because it’s restricted by my organization. If you could arrange the file as excel attachment instead it would be executable.

  84. Thank you for such a wonderful and ready to use tool.
    However, I wish to bring an issue to your notice with your permission.
    You had mentioned that if the trigger price is not hit post the signal generation at 9.45, the same will be mentioned in the profit/loss column.
    However, this is not happening right now. A case in example is AMARARAJA today.
    Do let me know, if I missed something

    Thank you again

    • Hi Sai,

      Thanks for your kind words. I see that trigger price is 633.15 and the HIGH is 651.7, which means the trigger price is reached. Let me know if this clarifies

        • as i had traded in this strategy but incourred a huge loss when i buy it come down or SL hit today i had short tata motor @109 and SL was 112 qty 2500*3=7500.
          Dear Admin
          Please help shall i trade continuously or stop trading.
          9082002648 please revert waiting for ur kind reply

  85. Dear admin
    As I see the above screener is not showing that loss making script I had traded in Bajaj finance and the Excel was not showing that loss making script only the profit making script is highlighted why the loss making script is not highlighted in your screen please answer.

    • Hi Vijay,

      At what time did you take the position? The sheet capture signals at exactly 9:45 AM based on HIGH and LOW price at that time

  86. At 9:45 if it is above trigger price 0.5 percent and at around 1.5 percent after breaking the opening range at 9:50 am,and it doesn’t even touch trigger price but above it all the time after 9: 45 , can we buy at market price in this condition what is your opinion ?

  87. This strategy works wonderful along with NIFTY. I follow below method: If NIFTY first 15 Minutes candle positive then just go for LONG POSITION and viceversa.
    But I have finded some stocks selection missing. i.e ON 3-May-2021–> HDFCBANK, HDFC made LOW within first 5 MIN candle eventhough OPEN = LOW condition not satisfied and went LONG only intraday. I am not expert in this coding. This may be a breakout strategy with first 5 Min candle high & low.

  88. Hello,
    Is it possible to create same strategy for CE & PE options as well, Please share your thoughts on this.

    • Hi Anbarasu,

      Yes it is possible, will give it a try but fetching option prices in Google sheet would be a challenge

  89. I want to exclude certain stocks from the Excel sheet. But since it is view only I am unable to delete the stocks. Please guide and help me.

  90. Is it possible to create same strategy for CE & PE options as well, Please share your thoughts on this.

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