Amibroker vs Python – For Trading System Development

Amibroker vs Python – Which one should I use? This is one of the questions that has intrigued most of the traders venturing into algorithmic system development. While both of them are praiseworthy in terms of their flexibility, ease of use and robustness, you must know some of the fundamental differences between the two. Read more to find out.


Amibroker is a fully-fledged software specifically designed for trading system development. It has an easy to use graphical user interface with a native programming language (AFL) through which you can code, backtest and optimize your trading systems. As a trader, all you have to do is, create your trading system rules in Amibroker. Rest would be taken care by the software itself. Most of the technical indicators and chart patterns are readily available in Amibroker so that you need not to code anything from scratch.

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In contrast, Python is a high-level programming language with a plethora of libraries for everything under the sun (not just trading or finance-related).  Python is widely known for its data processing and analytical capabilities, and since trading system development involves a lot of data analysis python becomes an obvious choice for many who are starting out in this field. It stands out from other programming languages due to its easier syntax, readability and huge community support.

Amibroker vs Python – A relative Comparison

Amibroker vs Python

If you are just starting out, Amibroker will get you trading much faster than Python. You can backtest numerous ideas very fast against many types of stocks and assets. There is a subscription cost, but the trial version is just sufficient for all that you require.

Python, on the other hand, will help you develop advanced quantitative model involving machine learning, neural networks, and decision trees. It’s more robust and flexible than Amibroker.

To conclude, it’s like buying a car. Amibroker is like a readymade car, you can drive it soon after you take it out of the showroom. While python is analogous to building a car from scratch, you can decide whether you want a sunroof, parking sensors or any other fancy features in the process of building it!

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