Top Stock Market Data Providers in India

When it comes to reaping profits from the stock market, it is crucial to have accurate market data. Especially if you follow technical analysis or quantitative trading, reliable price volume data is must for your study and backtesting. Since last decade there has been a steep increase in the number of data vendors in India. We have reviewed few of them on the basis of various parameters like accuracy, reliability, and cost. Read on to know about the top stock market data providers:



It is one of the best Stock market data providers in India that’ll help you access the tits and tats of the market and get handsome profits out of your investments. Not just data, they also provide expert tips based on quantitative strategies. Velocity is one of the trademark products of TrueData used by many stock market experts. It is a smart software plugin that can connect to multiple TA applications – at the same time, off the same data subscription, – on the same PC. To maintain its stature as one of the top, TrueData offers the following benefits to its clients:

  • Connects to multiple markets.
  • Use of Direct Exchange Connectivity to ensure low latency feeds.
  • Clients can use the same Login id to access their account on multiple devices (one at a time though).
  • Data is provided for multiple timeframes.

Subscription for TrueData starts at 990 INR per month. Check out the different plans here.



Being one of the most reputed intraday data providers, ValueRT offers seamless integration with Amibroker for algorithmic trading. It provides 1 min data backfill for upto 90 days which is impressive. Also, you would get 3 profitable Amibroker AFL’s with the annual plan. Top highlights of their services include-

  • Real Time Data Services available for Live Futures Data, Metastock Data, Commodity Real time Data, Equity Intraday Data, Live Data for Amibroker and Data Feed for Metastock.
  • Serves as a Metastock real time data provider and Amibroker real time data provider
  • Use of multiple dedicated servers to update Metastock and Amibroker and to ensure uninterrupted data flow.

Subscription starts at 500 INR per month and they offer bulk discount if your purchase multiple products. See the entire plan here.

Global Financial Datafeeds (GDFL)

stock market data providers

Choosing GDFL as your stock market data provider will leave you with the benefit of risk free business. This is definitely the most popular Stock market data providers in India used by thousands of people. They have different products which connect directly to Amibroker, Ninja Trader or Excel sheet. You have to option to select realtime feed or EOD feed based on your trading strategy. Below are some salient features of GDFL:

  • The company employs sophisticated and reliable techniques for delivering direct exchange datafeeds integrated with advanced Charting and popular international Technical Analysis platforms including Ensign, AmiBroker, MetaStock Professional, Elwave, Bulls Eye Broker, NinjaTrader and Advanced Get.
  • GDFL focuses on delivering accurate and authentic live stock market data at cost effective rates.
  • The company distributes realtime, low latency data of Currency Derivatives (NSE CDS), MCX, NSE CM (Cash), through their products namely- nimbledataProPlus(TM), nimbledataPlusLite(TM) and nimbledataPro(TM).

Subscription starts at 1735 INR per month. This is relatively expensive but it is worth owing to reliability and accuracy of their service.

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The Bottom Line

All these 3 data providers are definitely good and reputed. But if you want to select one of these, the best way is to avail free trials and chose the one which is most suited for your requirements. If you are looking for a cheap and quick solution ValueRT or TrueData is best for you. But if you are dealing with complicated quant strategies or high frequency trading, you should go for GDFL .

If you come across any other data providers which you feel deserves a spot on this list, let us know, we would be happy to publish your review.


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  1. Thanks for the info on data providers. I have subscribed to NADF Pro of Tradermate. It works only with NEST 3.13 and 3.11 versions. It is the cheapest and the best if one has the above mentioned NEST versions.

  2. i am interestd to know the services you provide for individual investors the data , market research , about the market towards value investors.

    • Hi Venkateshan,

      Please check academy.tradingtuitions.com for our premium offerings

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