The Ultimate Guide to Swing Trading: Beginner Friendly

Swing Trading is a definitive way to make a handsome income from Stock markets. In swing trading positions are held overnight or few days to gain maximum profit. All technical analysis concepts and algorithmic trading strategies work very well in swing trading. Beginners are normally tempted to start day trading for quick gains, however, it’s always recommended to practice swing trading first and then gradually move towards intraday.

In this article, we would introduce a Swing Trading guide which is a goldmine for beginners. It’s helpful for experienced traders too, as it would supplement their existing knowledge and help them discover strategies with unbelievable success rate.

The Ultimate Guide to Swing Trading by Kevin Brown

Swing Trading Guide

I bought this guide a few weeks back having known the credibility of Kevin Brown as a trading coach. Kevin has 21 years of market experience and in this book, he has shared some valuable techniques to earn profits through swing trading.

This book does not assure any overnight success (you should avoid reading any materials which do). It provides you the proven mathematical strategies to earn money from stock market. These methods are tested by Kevin and he explains everything about it in a detailed manner.

Swing trader guide helps you make sustainable passive income through the stock market. You would be able to convert your investments into profits without waiting for a long time. This book also provides a lot of unique strategies to earn handsome profits, reduce the loss rates, trading statistics, exit strategy and portfolio balancing.

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Following are some of the important features and takeaways from this guide:

  • Identify the best stocks for swing trading.
  • How many stocks to trade at any given time to maximize your portfolio and reduce risk?
  • Best time to place entry/exit orders.
  • Calculate a positive mathematical expectation for a trading system.
  • Determine the optimum amount to risk per trade.
  • Discover the underlying structure of all stock markets and learn how to project support/resistance levels well into the future with uncanny accuracy.
  • Exclusive video tutorials included
  • Learn which software and brokers are best for swing trading.
  • Strategies explained in this guide are compatible with all modern trading software including Amibroker.
  • Free course updates and lifetime support.

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You will receive multiple free Addons if you decide to buy Swing trading guide. Below are some notable ones which I found really useful:

An Ultimate Trading Calculator

Ultimate Trading Calculator

This ultimate trading Calculator is worth rupees $99 which is included with the guide. It has many management models that help users to calculate the trade positions.

Along with the models, it also includes the trading simulator which allows you to generate randomly generated trades and the resulting equity curves based on key trading statistics of any trading system.

Trade Tracker Spreadsheet

Trade Tracker Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is specifically created for tracking the trades without using any fancy software. This Excel Spreadsheet could be used for easily tracking and analyzing the trades done in a very simplified manner.

Eight eBooks including (The Penny Stock, Dynamic Analysis, etc.)

This is an excellent collection of eBooks and is newbie friendly. These eBooks would help you in various aspects of trading in financial markets.

Our Verdict

Swing Trader guide is worth for every penny invested on it. I have already read it twice since I bought it. This book demonstrates the exact way to make millions of dollars through stock markets over the years. Kevin has done his best to cover every aspect of swing trading, and even a newbie can understand every text written on this book. The freebies offered along with this guide are invaluable too. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this book or its contents.

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