The Best Options Selling Strategies in Tradetron

Options selling is the most logical way to make consistent passive income from stock markets. However, all option sellers are not successful. It needs strategy, accuracy, and timing to make profits with options selling. Tradetron scores on all these parameters on its advanced platform containing a curated list of options strategies. In this article, we are going to look at the best options selling strategies in Tradetron. The list will be updated periodically.

best options selling strategies in tradetron

If you are new to the Tradetron platform, check out this article to get started.

Index Premium Eater

This is probably the most popular options selling strategy on Tradetron, it has maintained its position on the top 5 strategies in the Tradetron marketplace for months now.

The strategy trades on Nifty as well as Banknifty options. It is unhedged, so the capital requirement is a bit higher. It makes money on all types of market conditions, and it auto-adjusts smartly based on market movements.

Similar to every options selling strategy, the primary alpha of this strategy is based on theta decay. After each exit, the strategy reactivates in 5 mins and enters new trade.

Capital Required – 310000 INR

Stop Loss – 5000 INR

Target – Open with specified TSL

Monthly Fee – 5% of Gross Profit

Equity Curve –

IPE Equity Curve

Backtest Results –

IPE Backtest Results

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Low Risk Iron-Fly

This is an intraday only strategy based on the popular iron-fly options strategy. It takes positions on Banknifty every day and adjusts according to market conditions.

Capital Required – 100000 INR

Stop Loss – 4000 INR

Target – Open

Monthly Fee – 10% of Gross Profit

Equity Curve –

LRIF Equity Curve

Backtest Results –

LRIF Backtest Results

Banknifty Fighter

This is another hedged intraday option selling strategy that had produced decent returns in last few months. It doesn’t take random option positions, rather its based on technical indicators and options reeks which makes this strategy more accurate compared to others.

Capital Required – 105000 INR

Stop Loss – 3500 INR

Target – Open

Monthly Fee – 7.5% of Gross Profit

Equity Curve –

BNF Fighter Equity Curve

Backtest Results –

BNF Fighter Backtest Results

Daily Wages – Hybrid 50

The strategy sells Banknifty straddles several times in a day for a fixed risk-reward ratio of 1:1. Once the current positions are closed, it immediately takes re-entry and the same continues until the market close.

Since this strategy takes numerous trades, it’s recommended to deploy it over a zero or fixed brokerage plan. Otherwise, the commissions may exceed your profits.

Almost linear equity curve and minimum drawdown make this strategy unique over others

Capital Required – 200000 INR

Hard Stop Loss – 500

Trailing Stop Loss – NA

Target – 500

Monthly Fee – Free

Equity Curve –

Daily Wages Equity Curve

Backtest Results –

Daily Wages Backtest Results


Well. those are the 4 best options selling strategies in Tradetron in our opinion. Almost 90% of the strategies in the tradetron marketplace are based on options selling, so it’s hard to find the best out of so many

Options selling requires higher capital than buying, so retail traders tend to keep away from it. However, there is a higher probability of success while selling options, so even with a low risk-reward ratio, you can be profitable in the long term.

We would suggest you to paper trade these options selling strategies for atleast 2 weeks before going live, and keep your expectations realistic, not every trade would be profitable.

Let us know in the comments sections if you have any other strategies to suggest.

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