The Best Options Buying Strategies in Tradetron

The Tradetron platform has made Algo trading accessible and affordable for retail traders. It offers a marketplace from where you deploy profitable strategies in your broker’s account. In this article, we are going to look at the best options buying strategies in Tradetron. The list will be updated periodically.

Best Options Buying Strategies in Tradetron

If you are new to the Tradetron platform, check out this article to get started.

Yo! Option Buyer! -N

This is a positional option buying strategy that buys monthly ITM options in NIfty based on the trend using basic trend following indicators.

Capital Required – 35000 INR + 15000 buffer 

Stop Loss – 10000

Trailing Stop Loss – Activates at 5000 Profit

Target – Not defined

Monthly Fee – 10% of Gross Profit

Equity Curve

YOB Equity Curve

Backtest Results

YOB Backtesting

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It’s an intraday banknifty weekly options buying strategy. The strategy takes positions based on support and resistance on a short timeframe, hence there can be as high as 40 trades per day. Hence it is highly recommended to use zero brokerage plans to be profitable with this strategy

Capital Required – 50000 INR + 50000 buffer 

Stop Loss – 8000

Trailing Stop Loss – NA

Target – 12000

Monthly Fee – 15% of Gross Profit

Equity Curve

IMH Equity Curve

Backtest Results

IMH Backtesting

Nifty Trend Rider – Long Option

It’s a low capital intraday only strategy that takes long positions on Nifty weekly options. This strategy, similar to any other long options strategies, is based on the principles of trend following.

The initial drawdowns are scary, but it managed to do well after that.

Capital Required – 10000 INR + 10000 Buffer

Hard Stop Loss – 2000

Trailing Stop Loss – NA

Target – NA

Monthly Fee – Free

Equity Curve

NTR Equity Curve

Backtest Results

NTR Backtesting


Well. those are the 3 best options buying strategies in Tradetron in our opinion. There is a dearth of long options strategies in the tradetron marketplace, hoping some more will be listed soon.

One of the primary reasons for this is that options buying has a low probability of success, the success rate varies from 30-40% compared to 60-70% for options selling strategies. However, it requires comparatively low capital and few good trades can easily double your money.

We would suggest you to paper trade these options buying strategies for atleast 2 weeks before going live, and keep your expectations realistic, not every trade would be profitable.

Let us know in the comments sections if you have any other strategies to suggest.

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