The Best Books on Swing Trading – Top Recommendations

Being an effective swing trader takes skill. Learning this skill starts with the right resources. Books are some of the most valuable resources you can use to learn about swing trading. The problem is you need the right books. We are going to take a look at five of the best books on swing trading.

Come Into My Trading Room by Dr. Alexander Elder

Best books for Swing Trading

Dr. Elder’s book gives you an in-depth look into the skills you need to swing trade effectively. The most important skill this book dives into is having the right mindset. Along with the right mindset, you’ll get step-by-step instructions for building a profitable portfolio.

You’ll also learn how to effectively manage your money as a trader. Other topics such as how to trade stocks, options, and futures are covered.

Dr. Elder also discusses a method called The SafeZone trailing stop indicator. This simple trading method enables you to make wiser, more profitable trades.

Mastering the Trade by John F. Carter

Mastering The Trade

First published in 2005, this book is a classic in the swing trading world. It teaches readers how to thrive in the technology age of trading. Full to the brim with case studies, this book is a gem for newcomers to the swing trading scene. The author injects tons of personal experience into the book, so you get a firsthand look at how he makes decisions on trades.

Mastering the Trade includes many examples of trades along with different indicators in many different markets. There are also stories to help you learn.

The Master Swing Trader by Alan Farley

The Master Swing Trader

This book goes in-depth about many of the concepts in swing trading. It does assume that the reader has prior knowledge about trading terminologies. If you don’t, then you should start with one of the other books on the list.

It still does a great job of simplifying complex trading terms so anyone can grasp the concepts quickly.

Swing Trading for Dummies by Omar Bassal

swing trading from dummies

The uniqueness of this guide is its ability to make complex trading terminologies simple. Along with learning important trading methods you also learn how to lower your risk as a trader.

Like the other guides on this list, it does a great job of breaking everything down into a simple process. With its simplicity, you can get started trading once you get through it. This book is certainly not one to rush through, as the information must be understood and applied to your trading.

Swing Trading as Part Time Job by Brett Brown

Swing Trading as a Part Time Job

This is the perfect book for a busy person. Although trading information can be dry this book presents it in an entertaining and fun way. It’s fast and to the point, so you can hit the ground running.

You’ll learn how to boost leverage, how to limit risk when trading, and the ideal times to buy and sell. With this book, you’ll be up and trading in the shortest time possible.

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