Stop Loss Illustration Amibroker AFL Code


In this post, we’ll go through a Stop Loss Illustration Amibroker AFL Code. The AFL code can be downloaded free of cost and imported into Amibroker. Understanding Stop Loss and Amibroker ApplyStop() Function A Stop Loss is an order placed with… Continue Reading


Trailing Stop Loss – All you wanted to know about it

Trailing Stop Loss

Limiting the losses incurred by investors while trading is very challenging. However, online brokers, with the help of technology,  are always on the lookout for doing just that. There is a kind of order in day trading called a ‘trailing… Continue Reading


All you wanted to know about Stop Loss Strategies

Are you familiar with life insurance? Well, that’s kind of how Stop Loss orders work. With stop loss strategies in hand, when a trade takes the wrong turn, the investor can have his/her share sold for a loss. When you’re… Continue Reading