Using A Covered Call Strategy: The What, Why & How Of Covered Call Options

Options Trading Strategies

Professional traders have been using the covered call option to boost their market income for a long time. There’s no reason why individual investors cannot use this conservative but effective covered call strategy by learning how it works and how… Continue Reading

Jade Lizard Option Strategy – A Holy Grail for Option Traders?

Options Trading Strategies

Stock trading helps those involved quickly earn extra income over an hour, day, month, or even year. But that is only if they know their way around it. In this respect, options trading is an asset you should be aware… Continue Reading

The 10 Most Useful Tradetron Keywords for creating Strategies

Tradetron Keywords

Keywords are the building blocks of any Tradetron strategy. They are like functions in the programming language, and every function (or keyword) serves a specific purpose. In order to build an algorithmic strategy in Tradetron, you need to be well… Continue Reading

Trailing Stop Loss – All you wanted to know about it

Trailing Stop Loss

Limiting the losses incurred by investors while trading is very challenging. However, online brokers, with the help of technology,  are always on the lookout for doing just that. There is a kind of order in day trading called a ‘trailing… Continue Reading

Shooting Star Pattern – Definition, Uses, Interpretations, and Examples


If you trade based on technical analysis, you might have come across the phrase ‘shooting star pattern‘ Well, in case you haven’t, we are here to tell you what a shooting star pattern is and how you can use it.… Continue Reading

The 4 Best Fundamental Analysis Books of All Time

best fundamental analysis books

How can you embark on your journey in the stock market as a beginner? The answer to this question may make you feel a little confused as there are too many ways to consider. The best way to approach trading… Continue Reading