Calculating ATR based Stop Loss in an Excel Sheet

Excel for finance tutorials

There is no denial of the fact that Stop Loss is an integral part of any trading strategy. Trading without a stop loss is analogous to jumping off the plane without a parachute. The most common stop loss strategy is… Continue Reading

Options Premium Calculator using Black Scholes Model: Excel Sheet

Options Premium Calculator

Options belong to the derivative family of financial instruments and are considered relatively ‘complex’ when compared to stocks and commodities. The complexity arises due to the unique option pricing methodology which depends on several factors. In this post, we’ll explore… Continue Reading

30 Days Formula to Become a Trader of your Dreams

After spending almost a decade in financial markets and interviewing several super-successful traders, our chief technologist Mr. Prateek Jain has come up with a 30 days formula to become a trader of your dreams. These are non-complicated, do-it-yourself stuff that… Continue Reading

The 7 Best Indicators for Intraday Trading

Intraday trading can be tricky for beginners. Traders need to keep an eye on several different variables to get an edge over others. These variables include chart patterns, technical indicators, open interest, market news, etc. In this article, we’ll focus… Continue Reading

Automated Trading using Amibroker – 3 Proven Methods

Automated Trading using Amibroker - 3 Proven Methods

There is no better software than Amibroker when it comes to technical analysis, backtesting, and trading system development. The set of features it offers is unarguably the best among its competitors.  However, one important thing it lacks is end-to-end automation.… Continue Reading

How to find the Best Strategies from Tradetron Marketplace?

Tradetron Marketplace

If you are familiar with the Tradetron algo trading platform, then you must be knowing that it offers a strategy marketplace from where you can deploy an algorithmic strategy created by other fellow traders. The marketplace currently hosts thousands of… Continue Reading