Must have Forex Trading Apps for your Smartphone

For those who prefer not to invest in stocks and shares, foreign exchange (Forex) trading is a neat alternative. Currency trading gives you the flexibility of enjoying the roller-coaster ride of the financial markets without being impacted by the individual decisions of corporate giants.  Forex trading apps help you stay connected to the market on the move and tap into positive changes that will help you make the right financial decisions.

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Why Choose An App?

To put it simply, forex trading apps give you greater flexibility and let you access your trading account no matter where you are. Many Forex trading platforms have launched proprietary apps for those who use their services, and you’ll most likely have your account manager assisting you in using them. However, if you’re absolutely new to Forex trading, there are a number of apps that make even Fx trading for dummies an absolute breeze. These apps come in all shapes and sizes and work across multiple platforms to give you the greatest flexibility ever.

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Top Forex Trading Apps

See below the list of the best forex trading apps:

Apple iTradeMobile

Forex Trading Apps

If you were out there hunting for perhaps the best Forex app for iOS that isn’t open to any other platform, Apple’s very own Forex trading app is the perfect choice. This neat app lets you view real time data and to trade currency fast and extremely easily. Since it’s designed and built by Apple for Apple, its needless to say works flawlessly.


This app is said to be one of the best Forex apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry or even Windows mobiles, and its simple user interface makes it rather easy to use. Since Bloomberg itself is known to be one of the most reliable sources of financial information, their app of course has the latest news and charts to help facilitate trading.



This app works on Android and iOS devices and is a respected service right from the days when it was just a standalone PC app. It combines most functionalities that other apps provide and offer an easy to use interface that beginners and trading pros will love.



This app is the official one from Forex.com and works with Android and iOS devices. It lets you view trends and rates of over 50 different currencies, and its user intuitive interface gives it an edge ahead of others.

NetDania Forex & Stocks


If you’re a hard core Forex trader and would love to push your trading even further, this app for Android and iOS devices will certainly fill your need. It adds a bit more to your regular functionally since it also gives you real-time stocks values as well as silver and gold rates. Its interface is super fast, and many users love how easy to use and compact it is.

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In summary, irrespective of whether you’re new to Forex trading or if you’re a pro, Forex trading apps will help you get the best out of your trades on the go. Most apps are lightweight, secure and packed with all you need to trade successfully. From news to currency values, you have everything at your fingertips to be the next person to make their fortune with Forex.

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