Manish Gupta : A 19 Year Old Algorithmic Trading Millionaire

We’ll take this opportunity to share the inspirational story of ‘Manish Gupta’, a 19 year old Algorithmic trading millionaire who also happens to be one of the youngest member of Trading Tuitions family.

From his childhood days Manish was fascinated with numbers and slowly developed an inclination towards the stock market. He started trading at a tender age of 16 years when he was at high school.

Algorithmic Trading Millionaire

Starting with an initial capital of 10000 bucks, he wiped out the entire money in a span of 2 months. But instead of blaming the markets for his loss, he spent the next few months learning technical analysis and price action trading. He tried, tested, failed and reapplied the techniques he learned until he mastered it.

He doubled his capital in less than a year and then started automating his strategies through Amibroker software. With automation in place, he could focus on developing more strategies instead of being glued to the system screen during market hours.

Now finally, he has developed multiple algorithmic trading systems which he uses for trading from his personal account. He has made more than a million till date and spends only 4 -6 hours a week to optimize and tweak his systems.

Check the snapshot of Manish’s trade log to see how his capital grew over time:

Manish StatsApart from the initial hurdle, where he lost his entire capital, there were just 4 months when Manish lost a little chunk (marked in red). But the noteworthy thing is, he turned 25K into 1 million in 3.5 years, which is still a dream for many of us.

He mostly trades index futures and options and prefers swing trading over intraday. Rigid risk management strategies and position sizing help him avoid any unexpected drawdowns.

What do we learn from Manish’s story?

The simple answer is, you need not to have tons of experience or any fancy degrees to become an Algorithmic Trading Millionaire. In his case, he just followed his passion and was focused towards his goal throughout the journey. Also, he learned from his mistakes and adopted technology to scale up his account.

When asked about his future plans Manish says,  “I will continue doing what I am doing today and will explore more strategies to diversify my financial portfolio. Also, I may have to join a college as my concerned neighbors don’t understand what I do, chuckles 😃

Manish has co-authored the courses at Trading Tuitions Academy and received accolades from our students all across the globe. He humble attitude and helping nature in spite of a tremendous success is something that makes him different.

We are proud of you Manish!

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  1. Felt very happy to know the about Mr. Manish Gupta, & would like to get in touch with him. Appreciate if someone gives me his mail id or contact number.. Rgds, Devasena

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