Kuntal Banerjee: A Medical Student cum Trader

This week we are going to start a brand new section in our blog “Share your Story“. This was one of the promises we made for 2017 in the roundup post here. The purpose of this section is to share the experiences and life stories of some of the prominent faces in Financial markets. Trading definitely is a difficult endeavor as there are high possibilities of setbacks and very little motivating force. I hope that reading these experiences would help you maintain your motivation and definitely there are ample of things to learn from other traders even if you are a pro in this field. We will start with ‘Kuntal Banerjee‘, a medical student cum trader who also happens to be the founder of waytoinvesting.com.  Studying medical is already a strenuous thing to do, but Kuntal manages to keep a tap on Financial markets as well as writing a blog along with it. This is one of the reason why we shortlisted him for the very first post in this section.

Kuntal Banerjee

Here is the entire transcription of my interview with Mr Kuntal Banerjee.


Tell me something about yourself?

Hello, I am Kuntal Banerjee. I am a medical student currently persuing MBBS. I am also the founder of blog waytoinvesting.com.

How did you start your trading journey?

I wanted to make money somehow to become self dependent. The main attraction of stock market is a small amount of money can turn into a big fortune. It attracted me.

Did you face any setbacks in the beginning?

Yes. I have blown up my entire account in the beginning.

How did you recover from the setbacks?

Learning Technical analysis. And reading books on Investing.

Which method you prefer for your trading decisions? Fundamental or Technical? And why?

Technical Analysis. To trade stocks, you need to see who is winning, buyers or sellers. In short run, stock market is nothing but a voting machine as said by Benjamin Graham. Technical analysis does this job over a short term.

Who is your inspiration in Trading universe?

Michael J. Burry. He is an American physician, investor, and hedge fund manager. He is the founder of the hedge fund Scion Capita.

Which is your favorite segment in Trading?


Any word of advice for novice investors?

You should learn. Learning is very important. Avoid tips. Do your own research before investing or trading in financial markets. Read books as many you can. A beginner should start with Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. If you want to trade, learn technical analysis. Money management is the most important thing after technical analysis. Technical analysis alone is not sufficient for trading.

Any recommendations of books/reading materials?

Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

What do you like about tradingtuitions.com?

Knowledge about trading shared free of cost.


I hope this short but inspiring story of Mr Kuntal Banerjee would motivate you in your trading journey. He is a strict follower of technical analysis and recommends reading books to improve your trading decisions. Check out our post on some of the best books on Financial markets here.

If you feel your story is inspiring too, please shoot an email at support@tradingtuitions.com. We would love to share your experience this section. Also, please send us your feedback on this section. Your feedbacks and comments essentially keeps us alive!

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  1. do you know any body who knows about Ichimoku system.
    i have a query-what is real purpose of future cloud/kumo.?

    • Hi Guru,

      As I mentioned in the article, there is something to learn from each individual. These experiences are meant to inspire folks who are entering markets or struggling to stay. Mr Kuntal has shared his approach for selecting stocks, and has provided his words of wisdom for novice investors. I think that is the major takeaway!

  2. With due respect you article mentions he made money trading on technical analysis but recommends book on fundamental analysis.
    Also unlike hedge fund manager who had finished his medical studies trading in between medical studies is sure shot road to disaster except would be doctor is planning to change his career..

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