Ichimoku Cronex Taichi Indicator AFL Code

Ichimoku Cronex Taichi is a modified (read improved) version of the classical Ichimoku indicator. It helps in identifying trends with better accuracy than most of the other trend-following indicators.

The Cronex Taichi indicator doesn’t have a cloud envelope similar to Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, which also is a contributing factor why this indicator is relatively easier to interpret.

This indicator was developed by Sergey Kazachenko.

Read this article to understand the ichimoku terminologies.

Preferred Timeframe

The indicator works well in higher timeframes i.e. Daily or Weekly.

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Below is the screenshot of Ichimoku Cronex Taichi plotted in an Amibroker chart.

Ichimoku Cronex Taichi AFL Screenshot

  • Green line represents Taichi
  • Red line represents TaichiFor
  • Dashed aqua line represents signal (signal line 1)
  • Dashed orange line represents Ssignal (signal line 2)

Ichimoku Cronex Taichi AFL Download

Download the AFL code for Ichimoku Cronex Taichi from the below link:

Ichimoku Cronex Taichi AFL Code

AFL Explanation

The four primary elements of the Ichimoku Cronex Taichi indicator are Taichi, TaichiFor, Signal, and SSignal. They are calculated using the below formulas:

Ichimoku Cronex Taichi AFL 1

Taichi = weighted moving average of the TenkanSen, KijunSen, Span A, Span B values

TaichiFor = average of Span A and Span B

Signal = weighted moving average of Taichi with Kijun periods

SSignal = weighted moving average of Taichi with Senkou periods

Post calculation, these lines are plotted on a candlestick chart by using the standard Amibroker “plot” function.

Ichimoku Cronex Taichi AFL 2

The default setting for the Cronex Taichi is 9 for TenkanSen, 26 KijunSen, and 52 for Senkou Values These are parameterized in the AFL code using the “param” function and can be changed from the chart itself.

Ichimoku Cronex Taichi AFL 3

And finally, the buy/sell signals are calculated and plotted in the chart.

Ichimoku Cronex Taichi AFL 4

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Long and Short Rules

Below are the long rules:

  1. Close is greater than Taichi
  2. Taichi is greater than TaichiFor
  3. Signal is greater than SSignal

And the short rules are the exact opposite to long:

  1. Close is lower than Taichi
  2. Taichi is lower than TaichiFor
  3. Signal is lower than SSignal

Using these 3 confirmation parameters greatly improves the accuracy of this signal.

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