How to Download Multiple Stock Quotes into Excel for Free?

Note: This excel utility has stopped working as Yahoo finance has changed considerably over time. Please see another similar utility based on AlphaVantage API here.

It’s been a real difficult task to get free and reliable stock data for your backtesting. There are plethora of utilities available over internet to download free stock data, but most of them are outdated or demo versions. In this post, we would explore a ready made utility to download multiple stock quotes into excel for free. This utility downloads stock quotes into Excel through a VBA macro. The source for this data is Yahoo Finance. See another similar utility to download data from Google Finance here.

PS: This Excel has been originally published at http://investexcel.net. Full credit goes to the original creator.

Download 1 minute Intraday data from this link.

Excel Sheet Overview

Parameter Description
Worksheet Name Parameters
Inputs Start Date and End Date (Cell B5,B6) The start and end date for which you want to download the stock quotes
Frequency (Cell B7) Timeframe of data download (d stands for Daily, m stands for Monthly, w stands for Weekly)
Write to CSV (Cell B8) Check this if you want to output the results in a separate CSV file. Also mention the path of file.
Collate Data (Cell A9) Indicates whether you want to collate the data for all stocks into one sheet. Collate Data stacks Close, Open, High, Low, Adjusted Close and Volume into the same sheets (with the date) for all tickers.
Stock Symbols (from Cell A12) Standard Yahoo stock symbols for which you want to download data. List of all Yahoo stock symbols can be found at this link.
Outputs Individual Sheets Downloaded data for each scrip would be stored in individual worksheets named after the stock symbol.


download multiple stock quotes into Excel for free

How to use this Excel Sheet?

Please follow the below instructions to download multiple stock quotes into Excel for free:

Step 1: Download the sheet from the end of this post to your local computer.

Step 2: Open this Excel file and make sure you are connected to internet. Please accept if it asks to enable Macros and Data connections.

Step 3: Input Start Date, End Date and Frequency in the ‘Parameters’ sheet.

Step 4: Enter the list of Stock symbols in the same sheet. You may download standard Yahoo symbols for any stock or index here.

Step 5: Click on ‘Get Bulk Quotes‘ button. Downloaded data for each scrip would be stored in individual worksheets named after the stock symbol. The main sheet also shows the success and failure of data download symbol wise.

Download Link

Please download the Excel sheet from the below link. Let us know in the comments section if you have any queries.

Multiple Stock Quotes Downloader

Spreadsheets for Success

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  1. Hello sir,can you suggest any top backtested afls that can be used for proprietary trading?

    • Hi Manoj,

      In order to import NSE stocks, you would need to input Yahoo NSE symbol of the stock in the excel sheet.

      • I have input but not open……error shown like this below
        Failed for These Tickers

        Manojmurthy R

        • You would need to enter the standard Yahoo symbols for these scrips. Please refer the instructions carefully in the post.

  2. HI,

    How do I get the download to populate the date in UK format (DD/MM/YY) on all imports?

    • Hi Karl,

      This sheet is designed for NSE data only. You might have to modify the macro definition for UK data.

  3. I downloaded this excel sheet , and it worked fine for the first day with lot of selected stocks, but next day onward, it stopped download any stock and shows all the selected stocks in failed list. Kindly help

  4. I have been using the Bulk Stock Downloader (investexcel.net) for the past 2 years and it has worked wonderfully.

    Downloading Historical Data from Yahoo.finance has been quite efficient and easy.

    Thank you for the same.

    However it appears Yahoo Finance has made changes to their historical data layout formats.

    For one they seem to have switched the order of Volume and Adjusted Price columns.

    Invoking the Downloader now results in no data being downloaded.

    Could you kindly update your macro to reflect the data layout changes made by Yahoo Finance.

    I would highly appreciate any help in this regard.

    Sambasivan Amarnath

    • Thanks for the information. We will look into it and update the macro ASAP.


  6. Today again I downloaded this @ 5th times and this time I got missing ‘Get Bulk Quotes‘ button, your valuable efforts wastes due to not working properly will do it most USEFUL, I think you will do it, thanks in advance

    • Hi Ganesh,

      The sheet is not working due too major changes in Yahoo API. We are working to find an alternative. Thanks for your patience

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