How and Where to learn about Stock Market?

In the last decade, stock markets have attracted a large number of people and the number of retail traders is growing exponentially every year. Financial markets are trending upwards and there are lots of opportunities to earn good profits from the market. Gone are the days when people traded part time for extra income, it’s becoming a serious profession now. There are many people who want to enter the markets but don’t know where to start from. Lack of proper guidance at this initial stage may lead to serious consequences later. In this post we have compiled various steps and resources on how and where to learn about Stock Market. Please read through and let us know if you have some queries.

Learn about Stock Markets

Learn about Stock Market basics and terminologies

People tend to start placing Buy/Sell orders even before they know how Stock market actually works. This is really dangerous! One cannot become an expert unless she knows the basics. Read below the very first post of this blog which explains Stock market in layman terms:

Trading for Dummies- A simple Analogy

Also, there are many online step by step tutorials which would help you understand the Stock market. Zerodha Varsity is one of them.

Read good books written on Trading and Investment

Last week we posted  about interesting books related to Trading. This is a well researched comprehensive collection which would educate you and boost your confidence. Please find the link for that article below:

5 Books every Trader should read

Join online forums, communities and groups

There are many good online forums, Facebook/Linkedin groups and communities related to Trading which can be very helpful for beginners as well as experienced traders. Sign up on these forums and engage into discussions and threads. You will find many others who are trying to find the answers of same question that you have. Below is the recommended list of these forums and groups:


Facebook Groups

Q&A Websites

Subscribe to good Trading blogs

There are many Trading blogs  which exist over Internet, but only handful of these are really useful. Most of the blogs turn out to be scam or tip providers. Once you find a good blog, subscribe to its posts so that you get notified whenever a new article is posted. Try to find blogs on different aspects of Trading like Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis etc. Below are our recommendations:

And yes, please don’t forget to subscribe to our blog too 🙂

Go for NSE’s certification on Financial markets

NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) is an online testing and certification program offered by National Stock Exchange of India. It’s suitable for beginners in Stock market who want to learn and evaluate their skills. There are many beginner, mid-level and advanced modules available ranging across all areas of Capital markets. This certification would be very useful to improve your knowledge. Read below our articles about these certifications.

NCFM Experience- Financial Markets: A Beginner’s module

NCFM Experience- Technical Analysis Module

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  1. And most among them: Get actual experience. Start with little capital (5% or 10% of actual allotment) & do actual investments/ trading. Nothing teach you better than your own success/ failure.. Trading books/ blogs/ seminars are important to make you wise & they are must before start. But actual learning curve starts only when you start actual game. Its something like learning cycling/ swimming in theory & then learning it actually on ground/ pool..

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your kind words. We are always happy to help you. Please let us know the specific things you want to know about this subject?

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