Harshubh Shah: Trading Success Story Of An Engineering Dropout

Last week, we got a chance to interview Mr. Harshubh Shah, a full time Nifty trader and technical strategist. His story is really unique and motivational for anyone associated with Financial markets. He has loads of experience in Indian stock market and runs his own youtube channel to guide newbie investors. He has earned more than 80 times return on his initial capital which is definitely worth applaud. Mr. Harshubh is an engineering dropout which makes his Trading success story even more interesting. Please read through and let us know in comments section if you have any specific questions for him.

Trading Success Story Harshubh

Tell me something about yourself?

Hello, I am Harshubh Shah. A full time Nifty trader and technical strategist.

How did you start your tradingย  journey?

I failed Miserably in Engineering in 2006 & so my Dad took me to Astrologer to know my fate. He surprisingly advised me to make a career in stock market. Me & my whole family never heard of this business before and I was as clueless as my dad in that moment. I came back and googled stock market on my 256Kbps BSNL broadband and then I never looked back. Its been 9 years now and 3 years back I visited same astrologer and thanked him with all my heart ๐Ÿ™‚

Did you face any setbacks in the beginning?

Ofcourse! As I belonged to lower middle class family , I lost my dad’s 5000 INR in the first trade and that loss shattered me deeply. After a while I again traded with 2000 INR and lost that too. I got restless and panicked , I locked myself at home for more than a year and searched internet and read whatever I could to know more and more. I was hungry for success and somewhat scared too.

How did you recover from the setbacks?

Never give up ! It was 2008, after 2 years of experience I started making money slowly and my neighbors started showing interest in me because of my accurate suggestions. I used to do intraday back then. I started with 5000 INR and due to 10X intraday limit I started trading and multiplied my investment by 80 times between 2008-2010. Now after so many years , I trade only positional using my Algorithmic Trading system which I designed using my 1 year of engineering experience. As they say , whatever happens, happens for own good ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I run My Own Youtube Channel to help newbie Traders. Its not easy to make career in stock market in India as people/society thinks you are a gambler. I hope things will change with this initiative of mine .

More details on – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCROZAGF97dXKgB9PbywcVAg

Which method you prefer for your trading decisions? Fundamental or Technical? And why?

Technical. I don’t believe in fundamental at all.

Who is your inspiration in Trading universe?

Google ๐Ÿ™‚

What is your preferred method of selecting stocks?

Many.. I select basically using Supply and demand and then refine more using past experience and strategies.

What is your total returns till now from market?

80 Times & Counting !

Any money management strategy?

Always use Triple Margin to Trade any stock. For example: If margin is 50k, then always keep 1.5 lakhs in your account to trade that stock and use proper Risk Reward Strategy.

Which is your favorite segment in Trading?


Any word of advice for novice investors?

SMART Bikega , IDIOT Thukega ! Always do your homework before market opens and avoid Live market as much as you can. Real work begins after market hours 🙂

Any recommendations of books/reading materials?

Sandip Maheshwari . I owe everything to this man! Motivational speaker. For more information, just Google him !

What do you like about tradingtuitions.com?

Everything. Basically I read Strategies and Articles here.. you guys are doing a lovely job.. Keep up the good work 🙂


Thanks Harshubh for sharing your wonderful Trading success story. It is really a honor publishing your interview here. Also, thanks for your awesome feedback on Trading Tuitions.

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  1. i hope i will be benefited from tradingtution .com. for the last 15 years, i lost money in share market. i need guidance. how can i get the book ” market wizard”.Please advise me. I am interested to read all your recommended books

  2. what is the take away from this article? ask him to give some specific ideas about trading that just intro on basic stuff.. hope you are not wasting our time by marketing these guys … nothing to learn from this article …very sad

    • Please feel free to ask him your ‘specific’ questions in comments. But do not expect that he will spoon feed his trading strategy. We apologize that we cannot provide ‘takeaway’ from all our articles.

    • Nothing is in this article . But hear is a YouTube channel name Impulse techinical . Channel owner – Hurshube thire you must learn every think .

  3. Hi Harshubh nice to meet you.Realy I’m impressed . You are educating people , really doing a great job.

  4. Hakinasy Candle Software in Bank Nifty Strategy, 3 high and 3 low candle buy or sell trategy.

  5. Can you please the name and address of the Astrologer? I am also dropout and wants to know the destiny of my life. Please tell me.

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