Getting Started with Tradetron – The Automated Trading Platform

Tradetron undoubtedly is dominating the automated cum algorithmic trading space with its unique set of features and cloud-based architecture. It empowers retail traders to fully automate their strategies with few clicks on their intuitive platform, and it also helps portfolio managers to monetize their strategies using a single subscription-based service. In this post, you’ll find all the resources to get started with Tradetron. More articles will follow in the future to explain every feature in detail.


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We recently reviewed the 5 emerging automated trading platforms in India and Tradetron turned out as the best of those 5. Follow this link if you haven’t read that article yet.

What is Tradetron?

Tradetron is a cloud-based algorithmic trading platform where you can:

  1. Create and Backtest your strategy
  2. Fully automate your strategy rules
  3. Subscribe to others’ strategies from their marketplace
  4. Sell your strategy as a subscription

A strategy is a set of rules based on which trades are taken. For example, you can build a strategy that buys a stock when the price crosses 200 periods moving average and exits the position on either 20% net profit or 5% net loss.

Tradetron is cloud-native which means you do not need to install any software to do any of the above things. All you need is an internet connection and a browser to access Tradetron. Your strategy conditions are checked by the distributed computing devices in the cloud and executed within a blink of an eye.

Tradetron supports all major brokers in India and the USA, and you can link your existing trading account with Tradetron to benefit from automation. However, you can also paper trade or do something such as one-click order placement in case you are not comfortable with fully automated trading. Opportunities are endless with this platform!

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How Tradetron Works?

Tradetron uses an API based microservices architecture to automate your trading strategies. The strategy conditions that are configured in the Tradetron platform are checked in real-time by dedicated bots, and once the strategy conditions are fulfilled, the broker’s API is invoked to place the orders.

All of this happens within a fraction of a second and there is no manual intervention required of any kind.

Tradetron Architecture

Behind the scene lies a powerful trading engine with globally distributed servers that can be scaled in or out based on the load. The engine connects to multiple data providers to fetch real-time data for different exchanges and instruments. There is no need for any additional data subscription when you are working with Tradetron.

Click on this link to open an account with Tradetron.

Salient Features

Below are some noteworthy features of Tradetron which makes it the best-automated trading platform:

Intuitive Strategy Builder

You can configure any technical analysis based strategy in Tradetron without writing a single line of code. And to do that you have at your disposal 100’s of keywords ranging across technical indicators, price data, open interest, events, option greeks, etc.

A strategy can be organized into multiple sets, with each set having its own entry/exit conditions. Moreover, the strategy rules can be applied to a single instrument, a basket of instruments (like Nifty 50), or a custom watchlist.

Position Builder

A strategy translates into a position when its conditions are met. A simple yet powerful position builder helps you define the quantity, order type, and underlying instrument. The quantity can be defined as a formula so that your strategy is adaptable to market conditions.

For options, you can define more parameters like strike price, type of option (call/put), and expiry date. There is a provision to use formulas in every field, which adds to the flexibility of the platform.

TradeTron Position Builder

Every strategy condition should have a corresponding position defined. When the strategy condition is met the position is sent to broker API for execution.

Repair Once and Continuous

Tradetron allows you to repair your positions based on market conditions. For every strategy set, there can be multiple repair or repair continuous conditions and their corresponding positions.

Repair Once conditions once satisfied do not execute again while repair continuous conditions can be checked infinitely.

For example: if you want to square off 50% of your positions when the profit exceeds 5%, you can define this condition in the repair once block.

And if you want to continuously adjust your option positions to make it delta-neutral, you can define such conditions in the repair continuous block.

Both repair and repair continuous serves as a powerful tool for risk management and position sizing.

Strategy Marketplace

If you are a novice trader and don’t have prior experience in creating algo strategies, you can still benefit from Tradetron through the strategy marketplace. Here you can browse through numerous strategies created by others and subscribe to ones you like. Most of the strategies are offered free of cost but some require a fee.

Each strategy listed in the marketplace has its description and performance stats. You can compare different strategies based on these stats and subscribe to the one that you are comfortable with. You can even IM the strategy owner in case you have any questions.

Once you are subscribed to a strategy, the trades would be fired into your account based on strategy conditions. For most of the premium strategies, you won’t be able to see its conditions or copy them as they are locked by the creators.


Backtesting is a method to validate the past performance of the strategy against historical data. Once you configure your strategy conditions in Tradetron, it can be backtested by clicking a button from the strategy page itself.

Tradetron Backtest

In order to account for slippage, you get 3 options for backtesting – assuming you got the best price, the worst price, or the average of the bid and ask on the entry/exit candle.

Once the backtesting is completed, you get a detailed report of what the strategy was doing on each day of the backtesting period. This report can be used to evaluate your strategy.

Execution Types

When your strategy condition satisfies, there are 4 different ways it can be executed:

  1. Live Fully Auto – Orders would be placed automatically without any manual confirmation from the user
  2. Live Auto with one-click confirmation – Requires confirmation from the user before placing the order
  3. Live Offline Execution – Orders are not automatically sent to the broker, rather a notification is generated on Email/Whatsapp/SMS, etc. Based on the notification you can manually place the order.
  4. Paper Trading – Simulation of real trading. None of the orders are sent to the broker. However, all the simulated trades are recorded for your analysis.


You can always keep a tab on the performance of the algos using the reporting features Tradetron offers. The reports are very simple and allow self-service.

Tradetron Reporting

You can filter reports based on Broker / Underlying / Strategy/ Creator / ExecutionType / Strategy Type.


With Tradetron, you can get real-time notifications for all the executed orders or also in cases when there are any execution errors.

The notifications can be delivered via SMS, Whatsapp, Phone call, or Email.

Tradetron Notifications

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How to Get Started with Tradetron?

Step 1: Create a new Tradetron Account

Follow this link and click on the “Sign Up button on the top right. Enter your primary details to register. You also have an option to Sign in through Facebook or Google account.

Tradetron Sign Up

Step 2: Purchase a subscription plan (optional for paper trading)

Once you are logged in, click on your user name on the top right and then click on “Subscriptions”. On the next page click on the “change plan” option. Chose a plan as per your requirements and complete the payment. We would recommend starting with the Retail plan and select the yearly option to save up to 20-30% on the overall amount.

Step 3: Add a broker (optional for paper trading)

Click on your user name on the top right and then click on “Brokers and Exchanges”. On the next page click on the “Add Broker” option. Add the broker details appropriately and click on the “Save” button.

Tradetron Add Broker

Follow the below links for a step-by-step process for generating API keys for various brokers:




Step 4a: Create a Strategy (If you want to automate your own strategy rules)

Now comes the interesting part. You can create your strategy in Tradetron by selecting Strategies –> Create from the top menu bar after logging in.

You’ll need to enter the basic strategy details and its entry-exit conditions.

TradeTron Create Startegy 13

TradeTron Create Startegy 14

The conditions can be configured through an intuitive drag and drag UI, it’s not required to write any code for the same. You have an option to chose from 100+ keywords to create your conditions.

Check this article to learn how to create a strategy in Tradetron from scratch, also you may refer to the below links to see the existing strategy templates and videos:



Once the strategy is successfully created, you can either deploy it or backtest it.

TradeTron Create Startegy 15

Note – If you are on a free plan, it would allow you to deploy just 1 strategy, and backtesting is not allowed.

Step 4b: Subscribe to a strategy from the marketplace (if you want to trade on others’ strategies)

To subscribe to an existing strategy from the marketplace, click on Strategies –> Marketplace from the main menu.

The marketplace contains the catalog of strategies listed by strategy creators. You can filter/sort strategies based on various parameters.

Tradetron Strategy Marketplace

You can drill down to the strategy page to see its description and historical stats.

Tradetron Penguin Cave

Tradetron Penguin Cave 18

A strategy can be free or might require monthly fee/profit sharing. It’s indicated in the marketplace for each strategy.

Once you are comfortable with the strategy, you can click on the “Subscribe” button to subscribe to it. All your subscribed strategies are listed under “Strategies –> My Strategies” from the main menu.

Tradetron Subscribed Strategies

From the same page, you can deploy your subscribed strategy for live trading. Check this link to find out how to pick the best strategies from Tradetron marketplace.

Step 5: Deploy a Strategy

Deploying a strategy means activating it for live trading. To deploy, you’ll need to provide the below details on the deployment page:

  1. Multiplier – Denotes your position size. Default is 1x which means the minimum position size specified by the strategy creator is used.
  2. Execution Type – You have 4 options here – Live Auto, Live Auto – One Click, Live Offline, Paper Trading. See descriptions of these options on the “Execution Types” subheading in this article.
  3. Broker – All your added brokers will show up in the dropdown. Select the one that you want to use for this strategy. For paper trading, the broker is defaulted to “TT Paper Trading”.

Tradetron Deploy Strategy

Once the strategy is successfully deployed, you are good to go. Verify if the trades are correctly executed during market hours. You will get notifications for all the trades.

Tradetron Subscription Fee / Pricing

Tradetron subscription is offered at a very nominal price for the features it offers. It starts at 300 INR per month for the Starter plan and goes up to 15000 INR per month for the institutional plan. For the US market, it ranges from $10 to $475 per month.

You can check the latest pricing details at this link.

There is also a free plan (0 INR) that allows you to do paper trading and create 1 private strategy. We recommend starting with the Retail plan as it contains all the needed features to fully automate your strategy. Retail+ plan is also good if your strategy requires continuous condition checking. (For retail plan strategy conditions are checked every 1 minute).

There is an additional 18% GST that is levied on top of the listed price. The payment can be made using a credit card, net banking, or UPI

Tradetron Payment Page 21

There is no additional data cost or VPS cost involved on top of the subscription fee. However, if you want to subscribe to any of the existing strategies from the marketplace, it may attract some additional fees which you can find on the strategy page.

What makes Tradetron Different?

Certainly, there are several automated trading platforms out in the market. But how does Tradetron stand out among all of them? We’ll try to answer this in 5 bullet points:

  • Tradetron is cloud-native, which means you do not need to install any software to operate it.
  • Tradetron offers seamless connectivity to numerous brokers without writing any single piece of code.
  • At Tradetron, you can create a strategy, backtest it, and also automate the execution. There is hardly any platform which offers all 3 features,
  • Tradetron allows you to subscribe to others’ strategies through a marketplace, it’s like a win-win situation for both strategy creators and subscribers.
  • You can trade in Indian as well as US markets through one platform. Furthermore, you can trade on multiple instruments, currencies, and exchanges. The list is growing every day!

We’ve in fact compared Tradetron with other automated trading platforms in India. You can find a detailed comparison in this link.

Important Links

We’ve curated some important links from the Tradetron website that would help you to get started faster and easier. See below:

Strategy Templates

Weekly webinar registration page


Strategy Marketplace

Strategy Videos

Final Thoughts

As we have been pointing out in most of our articles, algorithmic/automated trading is the new norm in financial markets. Every retail trader has to adapt to this new way of trading sooner or later. And platforms like Tradetron has made this leap easier and faster.

Tradetron contains everything that you require to commence your algorithmic trading journey, and that too at a very nominal cost. Its patent-pending technology is one of a kind and requires a minimum learning curve.

Hope this article helped you to get a better understanding of the Tradetron platform. Stay tuned for more in-depth articles.

Start your Tradetron journey today!

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