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In this post, we are going to look at a Central Pivot Range (CPR) spreadsheet which calculates the CPR as well as support-resistance levels of stock symbols. This fully automated CPR spreadsheet is built on Google sheets platform and fetches the data in real-time from Google Finance. Read on to know more about the sheet and get access to it free of cost.

CPR Overview

CPR stands for Central Pivot Range. It is a very accurate indicator used to speculate the price movements.

To understand CPR in-depth, its calculation, uses and interpretation please follow the below link.

All you want to know about CPR Indicator

CPR Spreadsheet

The CPR spreadsheet contains 3 tabs:

CPR – All F&O Stocks

This tab contains CPR levels for all the F&O listed stocks from NSE. The CPR levels include:

  1. Pivot
  2. Top Central (TC)
  3. Bottom Central (BC)
  4. Resistance Levels (R1 to R4)
  5. Support Levels (S1 to S4)

CPR Spreadsheet 1

The levels are calculated using the standard CPR formula we described in this post.

Kindly note that these CPR levels are calculated on a Daily (EOD) timeframe and can be utilized for Intraday trading.

Previous days OHLC values are used to calculate current CPR. The values are updated automatically and the frequency of updates depends on data availability at Google finance.

There is a column in this tab called “Narrow Range CPR”. The value “YES” in this column means the CPR width is very low, which is interpreted as a possibility of trending market move. If the absolute difference between TC and BC lines of CPR is less than 0.2% of the close price, it is marked as narrow.

Narrow Range Symbols

The Narrow Range Symbols tab contains the filtered list of all the symbols having a narrow range CPR. It is derived from the first tab itself.

CPR Spreadsheet 2

CPR – Individual Stock

In case you want to see the CPR levels of the stocks which are not present in the first tab, you can use this tab to calculate CPR levels of any financial instrument listed in Google Finance

Just enter the symbol name in the cell G6 and the CPR levels would get calculated automatically.

CPR Spreadsheet 3

The symbol name should be entered in the format “Stock Exchange Name:Symbol”.

The default symbol name is “NSE:TCS”. Since this is a shared Google spreadsheet the symbol name will revert back to the default whenever you refresh or open the sheet.

How to use this Sheet?

CPR levels can be used in several different ways for your trading decisions:

  1. Use narrow range CPR to predict trending moves
  2. Breakout of CPR levels can be used to take Buy/Sell positions
  3. The support/resistance levels can be used as a stop loss

You can read in detail about the interpretation and usage of CPR levels in this post.

Make sure you are connected to the internet to use this sheet.

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