Balance of Power Indicator Amibroker AFL Code


In this post, we’ll go through a Balance of Power Indicator Amibroker AFL Code. The AFL code can be downloaded free of cost and imported into Amibroker. Balance of Power Indicator Overview The Balance of Power is a technical indicator that measures… Continue Reading


Weekly Breakout Trading Strategy Amibroker AFL Code


The Weekly Breakout Trading Strategy is a popular technical analysis trading strategy that aims to take advantage of the market’s tendency to experience a significant price movement following a period of consolidation. This strategy involves identifying key price levels where… Continue Reading


Amibroker vs Tradetron – A Comprehensive Comparison

Amibroker vs Tradetron Featured

Amibroker and Tradetron are the two prevalent algorithmic trading platforms that traders across the globe use. Both of them are used to build, backtest and deploy trading strategies. In this article, we’ve done a comparative study of Amibroker vs Tradetron… Continue Reading


How to create an Amibroker AFL DLL Plugin? Step by Step Tutorial

Amibroker AFL DLL Plugin

Plugins help extend the functionalities of Amibroker beyond all the good things it can do out of the box. You can build your custom code in C++ or C# programming environment, package it as DLL, and then integrate it with… Continue Reading


The Best Amibroker Datafeed Services in India

The Best Amibroker Datafeed Services in India

Amibroker is a versatile platform for charting, backtesting, and trading system development. Similar to how a car requires fuel to run, Amibroker requires data to operate. But unfortunately, data doesn’t come out of the box with an Amibroker subscription, you… Continue Reading