Best Binary Options Brokers to Help You Trade Successfully

Smart trading can earn you rich profits, especially when you apply the right strategies and understand the intricacies of trading. Finding success with trading is tough, and especially with Binary Options it become even more complicated due to many fake players around. In this article, we would go through some of the best Binary Options brokers from around the world. Choosing a good broker is not an easy task because many brokers simply promise but don’t deliver. This guide will help you learn how to trade binary options successfully by choosing the right brokers. After all, your choice will mean a world of difference between making and losing money.

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Best Binary Options Brokers

Below are the 5 best binary options brokers which are reliable as well as client oriented. We haven’t tried all of them but have consolidated these reviews from various sources:



This is a 100% automatic trading software that lets you automatically execute your trades and gives you reliable trading signals as well. You don’t have to be an expert in trading to use it. Simply open an account, make a deposit and start trading. This tool is handles trades to your linked broker account and has complete support should you need any assistance. The great part about this broker is support is multilingual and you can get help with trading binary options no matter where you are.


This UK-registered broker is extremely reliable since it attempts to toe the line with the UK’s strict financial regulations. You can trade even if you are in the US and there is a unique in-house platform used. Maximum returns are 90% and there are different packages that have varying minimum deposits and a proportionate welcome bonus. This broker provides you with live video chat 24×7 if you need support, and support again is multilingual. They also give you a demo account to first learn how to handle binary options trading, and you can go ahead with your live account once you’re comfortable.



This broker has been quite popular since their inception in 2014. They use Panda TS platform for trading and you can join in no matter where you are in the world. Returns are set to 85% at the maximum, and they too have set minimum deposits depending on how huge you’d like to start off with. If you’d like to get an assigned senior binary options broker to assist you, you can upgrade to the premium VIP account. Bonuses on AskOption range from 30-100% and there is live support as well. This broker is perfect if you are new to binary options trading since much of the deep stuff is automated and you can easily understand the ropes.


Best Binary Options Brokers

In your hunt for the best binary options brokers, 24option should never miss your eye. Successful since its inception in 2010, this reliable and stable broker is managed by the CySEC and offers maximum returns of up to 88%. 24Option uses TechFinancials to trade and you are given a demo account if you’re new. You can choose between different types of trades, which works out quite well depending on your level of expertise.

Automated Binary

Automated Binary

Although Automated Binary is relatively newer in comparison with others, most users who have opted for their services have had nothing but favorable responses. They offer a fully automated binary trading platform that needs absolutely no downloading. It generates trade signals and places them on your behalf. A great part about Automated Binary is that they give you a free demo account that lets you get used to the system before you start on it live. It is secure, and you can choose from a long list of assets and regulated brokers to work along with you. Depositing and withdrawing your money is secure and easy, and the helpful customer care staff is ready to be there for you always.

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Things to look for while selecting Binary Options Brokers

Below are some important parameters an tips you should consider while selecting your binary options broker:

Check on Financial Assets

All brokers, be they are brokers for general trading or for binary options, offer certain tradable assets. Before you freeze on any brokers, make sure that they have the assets you wish to trade. All of them usually have an Asset Index on their website from where you can find out more about what they trade before you choose them.


Trading instruments count a lot. While these instruments are relatively standard among most brokers, there are some who offer different options. For instance, in the case of binary options, you can get the regular Call/Put options, Pair options or the One Touch and Boundary. Rather more exclusive are Kiko options. The right trading instruments will reduce your risk and increase your profit potential.

Expiry Times

Check with shortlisted brokers as to the expiry times they offer. If you’re new to trading, opt for the 30 minutes to 1 hour trading. Anything below that is better for experts. Of course, you need to be well acquainted with the financial markets and assets that you are trading in.

Profitable Returns

Everyone who gets into trading does so purely for good returns. Binary options can be quite profitable by itself, but it can be much more so if you find a broker who offers higher payouts and returns. Returns vary between 60% and 80% from broker to broker. A word of caution, though – not all brokers who offer higher returns may be right for you. Consider whether other factors discussed are also met by the broker before you choose.

Financial Tools

There are so many financial tools out there in the market to help you gauge the economic climate and determine your trades. Gone are the days when people traded by simply going with their gut feeling. While you can access financial tools independently, a good broker will give you practical tools for your trading options. These will include commodities, live stocks, currency data, and indices, apart from economic calendars that you can use to strategize your trades and maximize returns.


The best binary options brokers will have knowledgeable staff to support you throughout the way. After all, they are the actual experts and reputed brokers won’t have a problem answering your questions or being there for you. Most good brokers will be available to answer your queries either over phone, live chat, Skype or e-mail. When you can choose how you’d like to contact your broker, you’ll be more comfortable and feel safer with your investment. Remember, though, that different brokers offer different levels of support and different binary options trading, so if you’re looking to be hand-held throughout the process, ensure that this is what your broker offers before signing up.

Safe Withdrawals and Deposits

When choosing a broker, place high importance on security with regard to your withdrawals and deposits. Your privacy should be a priority. Besides, you need to be able to make a deposit fast and securely so that you can start trading right away. So check with shortlisted brokers as to what initiatives they have taken to secure your information and account, as well as payment processing time periods. This will save you and the broker a lot of hassle down the line if it is all clear at the start.

In summary, when choosing the best binary options brokers, do your homework thoroughly so as to find the right one. Consider everything that the brokers offer, from technology to tools and down to security and support and ease of executing trades before making a choice. Once you’ve chosen a broker who meets all requirements, you’re all set to start trading!


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