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In the Trading ecosystem, Automatic Trading is the word of an hour now. People are trying to find ways to reduce the manual intervention in trading especially if they trade on high-frequency strategies. And it makes real sense since most of the trading losses are due to emotions involved in trading. People tend to book profits early and let their losses grow. This badly affects the risk reward ratio and might possibly wipe out your account. Automatic or semi-automatic trading do not let emotions affect your trading decisions, it directly places the order in terminal when your strategy gives signals. We tried to explore some of the popular Auto Trading Softwares and Plugins available in India and would list down in the following section of this article. Please be cautious before using any of these Softwares for real trade, however you can always try the paper trading versions.

Please read our article on Algorithmic Trading first and understand the differences between Algorithmic and Auto Trading.

Algorithmic Trading Overview

Symphony Presto

Symphony Presto

This is probably the most popular and stable Auto Trading products available in India. Presto ATS is a comprehensive platform to Design, Test, Deploy, Execute and Monitor fully automated trading or execution algos using asset classes available in Indian Exchanges. Presto provides a framework to deploy the algos with Live Market Data and Direct Market Access (DMA). The subscription cost of this product is on little higher side but it’s worth considering the features it offer.  It can automatically place your order from Amibroker/Excel to your Trading terminal. They have an exchange approved blanket AFL in which you can embed your strategy. You would need to open an account with CompositeEdge broker to avail benefits of Auto Trading with Symphony Presto.  But you can do paper trading for a month which do not require account opening. Check out their website for demo and subscription costs.

Website: https://symphonyfintech.com/presto/



RCRT Robo offers a plugin which can automatically place your orders from Amibroker to trading terminal. This plugin works on Windows automation and can be installed in Cloud to avoid network interruptions. In order to use this, you have to schedule Automatic analysis in Amibroker which would send Buy/Sell signals to terminal. You can also define target,stoploss and cumulative target for the day. There is an option to auto trade on the signals which are embedded in this software (with performance reports). You can contact the website owner for a paid trial. The good part is that they offer paper trading for indefinite period until you get comfortable with the software.

Website: http://rcrtrobo.com/ (Website appears to be offline)



This is similar to RCRT Robo in terms of software but they also offer readymade Trading strategies that you can Auto trade on. They have good Sales and support team to answer all your queries. They also have a broking partner which offers unlimited trading for as low as 999 Rupees per month. Their Robo trading software comes in PC edition as well as RDP edition.

Website: http://www.vbiz.in/

Zerodha Pi

Zerodha Pi

This is a mass favorite tool in India which can be automated too. Zerodha offers  Amibroker to Pi plugin which can fire orders from Amibroker to your Pi terminal. However, these orders would be semi-automatic and require a slight manual intervention. It can be fully automated if you get your strategy approved from exchange and have a dealer terminal. Pi itself is a fully fledged Technical analysis software which can help you in trading decisions.

Website: https://zerodha.com/pi/


It appears like a reseller of VBIZ but they offer few add-ons like AFL writing assistance.

Website: http://robotrader.in/

Below are few more auto trade vendors we came across:


Please review these Auto Trading vendors we mentioned and let us know if you find something new and interesting. We would be happy to add them in this article. Also be very cautious before opting for fully automatic trading as it is riskier than manual trading. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section.

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