Automated Trading Software in India – Top Recommendations

Automated Trading Software in India

In the financial market ecosystem, Automated Trading is the need of an hour how. People are trying to find ways to reduce manual intervention in trading especially if they have a day job to do. It’s speculated that around 50-60%… Continue Reading

Capital Requirement for Algorithmic Trading : Myths and Facts

Capital Requirement for Algorithmic Trading

There are several underlying myths associated with Algorithmic Trading, and the most common among them is about the capital requirement. People hesitate to pursue algorithmic trading just because they have been told that it requires huge investment. In this post,… Continue Reading

How Dividends Play a Key Role in Value Investing?


For a long-term wealth generation form stock markets, Dividends play a key role. However, return from dividends is often overlooked by amateur investors. This article would help you understand how you can benefit from dividend paying stocks and make the… Continue Reading

Master Candle Exploration AFL with Breakout Levels


Master Candle is a proven price action pattern that accurately identifies the possible breakouts in the chart. It’s used by professional traders to speculate market movements and enter long or short trades. We have developed a master candle exploration AFL… Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Master Candle

Master candle setup

Undoubtedly, Price Action Trading is one of the sure-shot ways to accurately speculate stock market movements. It is a scientific and proven technique that relies on some specific chart patterns in conjunction with supply-demand to predict stock prices. And when… Continue Reading

Algorithmic Trading Success Stories that you must Read

Algorithmic Trading Success Stories

Algorithmic Trading has become a new phenomenon in the financial markets space. However, there is a huge amount of skepticism that exists around this subject, especially in 3rd world countries. Buying and Selling of stocks through computer algorithms is not… Continue Reading

Stop Loss Hunter Trading System with AFL Code and Backtest Results

Amibroker AFL of the week

Stop Loss Hunting is an unfair technique that causes individuals to get stopped out of their positions by driving the prices to a level where most of the traders have chosen to set their stop losses. Also known as stop… Continue Reading