Astrology in Trading- Does it Really Work?

With increased dependency on celestial events for our major decisions, the practice of using astrology in trading is slowly catching up. What Astrology trading depicts is the belief that the financial markets are influenced directly or indirectly by planetary movements, retrogrades, and lunar cycles. Prior monitoring and prediction of these events possibly help traders identify the possible risks for investments and also select the stocks and timeframe they should be trading. This practice sounds cryptic and obscure but many researchers and studies by leading financial bodies have validated a link between stock market environment and astrological information.

Astrology in Trading

Applications of Astrology in Trading

There are various approaches and strategies for stock market trading. And while astrology is not advised as a single strategy for trading in the stock markets, it simply serves to augment the technical analysis. You could simply put astrology trading to use by timing the market and investing accordingly. It’s advisable read up on historical astrological data, its relationship with market movement, and use this information to utilize planetary forecasts to guide your investments.

You could also choose which stocks you should trade using Astrology. While choosing the stocks, you could consider the astrological profile of the company whose stocks you are considering. For this, you could analyze what is called the incorporation chart containing all the planetary elements of the company. As per studies conducted in this domain, a direct link has been established between the performance and viability of a firm and its astrological profile. Once you have chosen a viable candidate for the stock trading, the astrology trader will further use astrology to choose the right time to make this trade.

People who use Astrology in their Trading

Many successful traders have applied the principles of astrology and achieved profits. These traders have actually considered astrology as an integral component of their game plan. One of these traders widely known in the stock market include people like WD Gann, who devised specialized astrological trading tools and aids like Gann Angles, entirely based on subjects like astrology, geometry, astronomy and ancient mathematics.

Gann Square of 9 Calculator

Advice from Astrology Traders

Investors and day traders who implement the principles of astrology in their trading practices claim that they can actually determine the market climates and choose the right time for investments to obtain substantial profits. They also successfully ascertain the entry and exit points with these principles. While you could use astrology to select what stocks you should be investing in, you could actually use astrology better in the strategies you apply. Then you could confirm your approach using astrology for mainstream trading.

Tools for Trading using Astrology

You need to be well versed with financial astrology first thing when you start with astrology trading. Other tools you could use include an accurate astrological calendar which would showcase all the planetary aspects and events. Further, you need an expedient to calculate the astrological charts and reach an inference. Apart from that, you could actually use so many financial astrology softwares available online that can take your business to new heights. A word of caution though, these softwares are typical and are not very easy to use so a little practice and learning is required.

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Real Case Studies for Astrology in Trading

According to studies conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, which constitutes one of the 12 regional banks collectively forming the Federal Reserve System. The inference of the studies showed a direct link between geomagnetic storms and stock market decline. A second study conducted by The Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC (NYSE: RBS), further proved that a lunar cycle based trading system could really benefit the investors in the market.


While studies have given us a lot of evidence for the viability of astrology in trading, the concept still seems too esoteric and unconventional for traders. But astrological predictions and calculations can considerably educate traders on market movement and the potential of stocks to earn big. This is not to say that we should shun all traditional trading expedients but it can surely augment your trading practices and help you make accurate decisions.

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