NCFM Experience- Financial Markets: A Beginner’s module

NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets is an online testing and certification program offered by National Stock Exchange of India. It’s suitable for beginners in Stock market who want to learn and evaluate their skills. There are many beginner, mid-level and advanced modules available ranging across all areas of Capital markets. It’s a good alternative to international certifications like CMT (Chartered Market Technician) and CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts) which require a hefty certification fee. NCFM certified individuals have attracted a lot of employers too in recent times.

ncfm1This article intends to share the real life examination experience of  NCFM beginner’s certification. It’s called “Financial Markets-A Beginner’s module”. This is an absolute basic certification for those who wish to either begin career in the financial markets or simply learn the fundamentals. This module tests one’s knowledge on basics of financial markets, difference in Primary and Secondary markets, concepts around derivatives and analysis of financial statements.

In order to register for the Certification Test you should visit NCFM section in NSE’s website. Below is the quick link for same:-

The test fee is around 1700 Rupees at the time of publishing this article. It’s inclusive of the preparation material what NSE would send in your registered address. After registering and paying the fee you have to select the test venue and time. Please book your slot in advance because there is rush during weekends in metro cities.

The material they send is basically a booklet containing exhaustive study material pertaining to the syllabus of module. This syllabus can be downloaded from NSE’s website. It’s imperative to go through this study material twice before appearing for the exam. Most of the questions asked were from this booklet. Furthermore, this study material is very informative and designed for the very beginners.

The preparation time needed for this exam is ideally 2 weeks. Maybe a week more if you are from non-maths or Finance background. There are up to 25% numerical questions in the exam covering areas like Compound interest, rate of inflation, brokerage calculation etc. Except these numericals all other questions are pretty straightforward and borrowed directly from the text within study material. In total, there are 60 questions carrying 100 marks. You would need to score at least 50 to pass the exam. There is no negative marking in this module and calculator is allowed. The total duration of test is 120 minutes. Considering the level of difficulty of exam, it won’t take more than 1 Hour for a well prepared candidate to pass the exam. Your score would be flashed as soon as you submit the exam. And if scored more than 80%, you would be eligible for on the spot printed certificate.

I prepared for two weeks and read the study material twice thoroughly.Being from a maths background, the numerical sums were a cakewalk for me, and I was able to finish the whole exam in less than 1 hour. My final score was 94%. Below is the snapshot of the certificate I received:

All the best for your exam. Feel free to post your queries.

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  1. what qualification is required to appear for NCFM Certification exam??and what are the prospects after passing the exam?

    • Hi Rahoul,
      There is no restriction of age or qualification to appear for NCFM certification exam. Passing these exams would help you in two ways. Firstly it would help you to assess your knowledge on financial markets. Secondly it would give a credibility to your profile which can help you further to build a career as a trader or portfolio manager. NSE has a separate portal for NCFM certified candidates where they can upload their resume and search for relevant jobs.

  2. Hello thank u fir the information.. I want to do a job as a portfolio manager or technical analyst but I am mechanical engineer person is it possible for me to do this kind of job if yes then what I have to do for it.. Any exam. Or something from NSE??? Thanks

  3. sir,
    my grad. is coming to an end and right now i am preparing for CAT to pursue my further studies with MBA(finance or marketing) so are these 1 year courses really helpful??? and do they add value to the CV?
    these courses are offline or online???

    • Hi Aman,

      Yes definitely these certification would add a value to your CV. And FYI, these does not take 1 year to complete. Each certification takes approx 30-45 days. They are completely online in nature.

  4. sir,
    do they provide any online or offline video lecture of syllabus???? or just books..
    paper format is objective type questions OR subjective??? and when these exams held???
    sir i heard that same certification course is offered by the BSE it true??? if yes,then which is more valuable BSE OR NSE to go through…

  5. hi i am yugandhar reddy. i am working in a bank as a dbm and i want to choose my career as securities market. what are the best courses for that ad what are the important modules in ncfm to complete.

    • Hi Yugandhar,

      You can go for NCFM or NISM modules. Start with any beginners module and then try other modules based upon your interest.

  6. Hello,
    needed an insight on the exam pattern for this.. how similar are the questions to the mock test on its website.

  7. where do we got placement through ncfm certification. what is the qualification needs to be a portfolio manager or technical analyst?

  8. sir,
    do they provide any online or offline video lecture of syllabus???? or just books..
    paper format is objective type questions OR subjective??? and when these exams held???
    sir i heard that same certification course is offered by the BSE it true??? if yes,then which is more valuable BSE OR NSE to go through…

    • Hi Navneet,

      They just provide the course booklet which is sufficient for preparation. The format is Objective type, and you can schedule exam anytime as per your convenience. I am not aware about BSE but for sure NSE certification would hold a higher value.

  9. Hi Admin
    How to take this exam?? How to register?? & please tell me the uses n help after we get certified…

  10. Hello admin. This is Arihant here. Is this online exam or we have to go to a certain place and give in paper format? And is it MCQ format or written format? Also, if one gets below 80% but passes, how does he get the certificate? And if one gets above 80%, is it necessary to print out the certificate or we’ll be getting it from NSE?

    • Hi Arihant,

      It is a online exam at the designated NSE centers. The exam is in MCQ format and includes theory as well as numericals. If one gets below 80%, the certificate would be available for download in the NSE portal. For above 80%, the examination supervisor will give you certificate immediately, and it also would be available in portal.

  11. Do we need to learn all the terms/definitions ? Can you send a schedule to plan for the exam?

    • Hi Gunesh,

      Yes, you should be aware of all basic terms/definitions. That is in fact the purpose of this exam. I do not have any schedule yet.

  12. do I need to complete all beginners modules to be eligible for intermediate level?

  13. is it necessary to first give beginners module and then proceed to intermediate or advanced?

  14. Hello Sir,
    Which exam should I go for NCFM or NISM as I want to improve upon my CV for admission into MSc Finance course?

    • Hi,

      Either of them would improve your profile. NCFM is comparatively easier.

  15. Hello Sir,
    Myself Chandan, I am an so shall I go directly for intermediate or advance level for uploading my resume on NSE portal..
    Please suggest me the best..

    • Hi Chandan,

      Start with intermediate level even if you have basic knowledge about financial markets.

    • Hi Shobhit,

      No we do not. The study booklet is more than enough to pass the exam

  16. Can we book a slot for exam at any time after paying the fee or we do need to book a slot for exam while paying the fee.Please tell me.

  17. Is there any time limit for which the NCFM certifications remain valid ???

  18. Hello,
    I am a Assistant Professor for B.Com Travel and Tourism. If i take the exam, how this would be beneficial to me?

    • Hi Abhishek,

      The certification would help you if you want to learn the basics of stock market

  19. Hello. Thanks a lot for the information.
    I have been trading in financial market (pure technical anlaysis) for past 10 years. I am doing ok. Could you tell me which kind of certification in TA allows me to be an independent Technical Analyst advisor. ( If I am planning to give buy, sell calls).
    What educational path would be best for me. ( I am an Engineer and MBA).

    • Hi Abhishek,

      Start with basic technical analysis certification and gradually go for advanced ones

  20. after validity period ie 29 November 2019 do you have give same exam again or any other procedure to renew the certificate?

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