Live Stock Charts: Master Technical Analysis

Live Stock charts powered by TradingView. You can change the stock symbol to load the respective chart. Charts are available for stocks, futures and currencies from all the major exchanges in the world. This chart is very responsive and user friendly with options to overlay technical indicators, draw trend-lines, and change the chart type to Bar, Line or Candlestick.

How to use Live Stock Charts?

Live Stock charts can empower you to perform technical analysis studies and take calculated trading decisions based on that. The above chart is a complete package to perform basic to intermediate level studies. Below are the high level steps to use this chart:-

Step 1: Change the Stock symbol and timeframe in the area provided. Stock, Currencies and indices are available from all the major exchanges in the world. Default symbol is NSE: Nifty. Timeframe can be as low as 1 minute and as high as monthly. Please note that intraday real-time data is not available for some of the symbols.

Symbol and Timeframe

Step 2: Select the chart type from list

Chart Type

Step 3: Add indicator(s) from the list. Click on the indicator symbol (beside time interval in the top) to display the indicators window. All popular Technical and Fundamental indicators are available.

Live Stock Charts

Step 4: Draw Trendlines, Pitchfork or simple text from the drawing toolbar at the left

Drawing Toolbar

Step 5: Take chart snapshots, zoom in and out, change display settings etc. There are n number of things you can perform in this responsive chart.

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