Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners in India – Detailed Comparison

Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners in India

Mobile applications have now become a core part of your lifestyle. It’s really hard to imagine how the world would look like without smartphones. Mobile apps have made their way into financial markets too. Now you can trade in realtime… Continue Reading

The Best Tool for Backtesting your Trading Systems – Expert opinion

Backtesting is an integral part of trading system development. Unless you backtest your system on historical data there is no way you can confidently predict its future performance. For beginners, backtesting might sound complex but technology has made it easier… Continue Reading

How to Create a Strategy in Tradetron? Step by Step Tutorial

How to Create Strategy In Tradetron

Tradetron is a robust and feature-rich algorithmic cum automated trading platform for retail traders. It’s patent-pending technology and cloud-based architecture has helped it gain enough limelight in the recent past. Folks with no previous background in computer programming can develop… Continue Reading

The 4 Best Parameters to Evaluate a Trading System

evaluate a trading system

Developing a trading system is not a rocket science today. Anyone with an elementary knowledge of computer and technical analysis can build his/her own profitable system. However, the question is whether that system would perform in a long run? What… Continue Reading

Sharpe Ratio Calculator Excel Sheet

Excel for finance tutorials

Sharpe Ratio is an indispensable metric to assess the performance of a trading system or a mutual fund. Usually expressed as decimals, it gives an indication of the reliability and sustainability of your investment returns over time. In this post,… Continue Reading